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Please support Ronan’s walk across Ireland for Charity as he sets out this Monday coming from Dublin to Galway……… ….

One of Ireland’s best-known charity fundraisers Ronan Scully will put his best foot forward along with family friends and colleagues as he celebrates his landmark half-century and when he sets about walking across Ireland for Charity this coming week. He will also be joined and supported/sponsored by Paul Galvin and his staff from one of Ireland’s and Europe’s best know menswear shops, Galvin’s Menswear shop in Tullamore, Co. Offaly, by Richard Donovan of The North Pole Marathon and Global Running Adventures based in Galway and Eamon Victory of Centra Shop, Dunleer, Co. Louth.

Ronan Scully is using his 50th birthday in March to do what he does best too, as he aims to raise €20,000 or more for some very worthy causes especially Gorta Self Help Africa and The Galway Rape Crisis Centre and a Homeless Charity working with families in the Midlands who are helping many families in need in Africa and Ireland with a week-long ‘Bay to Bay Walk’ from Dublin to his adopted home in Galway.

The charity walk will enable him to celebrate two memorable milestones too, as Ronan Scully will also use the occasion to celebrate 25 years in the world of international development and charity.

Having worked for a number of years with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, Ronan Scully then spent more than a decade in India, Nepal, Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sierra Leone with Irish-based humanitarian organisation GOAL, before taking up his current role as business development coordinator in the West of Ireland with Gorta-Self Help Africa.

The upcoming 250km trip a sort of Irish Camino for Ronan will start from the Gorta-Self Help Africa’s Dublin headquarters on Monday, 27th March next, and will conclude with a 5k charity walk on the promenade in Salthill, Galway, on Saturday afternoon at 3pm on the 1st April.  All are welcome to join him in Salthill for this 5KM event on April the 1st at 3pm and register at the Claddagh hall that day for the 5km walk and make a donation of €15 towards the charities or whatever people can afford.

Offaly-born Ronan will be joined at different stages of the walk by family, friends, supporters and staff from Galvin’s Menswear Shop Tullamore, on his prayerful and celebratory journey across Ireland who have to date donated more than €3,000 to the two charities who will mainly benefit from the walk – Gorta-Self Help Africa and the Galway Rape Crisis Centre as well as hopefully a donation towards a Family Homeless project in the Midlands. Ronan will be walking through the midlands on Wednesday the 29th of March from Mullingar to Tullamore to Clara and then on the 30th of March from Clara to Athlone to Ballinasloe.

“We have a number of social events and gatherings arranged along the route, and there will be various sports people and others joining me at different stages of the trip,” he said.

A former RTE Operation Transformation finalist, Ronan Scully has organized races, walks, climbs, social events, charity galas, and fundraising expeditions too numerous to mention through the years, and even undertook a hike to the North Pole in aid of various charities, a number of years ago that was kindly funded by Richard Donovan, founder of the North Pole Marathon/Global Running Adventures.

Ronan is also currently arranging a charity hike for Gorta-Self Help Africa along the famous Camino de Santiago de Compostela at the end of May, and will also be bringing a party of close to 30 supporters of that charity on a trip to Ethiopia, later this year in November.

Paying tribute to all who have supported him in his efforts over the past 25 years, Ronan Scully said that the upcoming cross-country walk would give him a chance to say thank you to so many people who had supported him in his work with some of the poorest people and children on our planet and also to prayerfully light a candle for everyone at certain stages along the way in thanksgiving for the people who have helped him and have been part of his journey over the last 50 years.

“I am looking at it as a prayerful journey and a celebration – of my own milestone, the time that I’ve spent working for charity, and also of the many incredible people who I’ve crossed pathes with in this line of work over the past 25 years and who gave so much of themselves so that we could help so many people and children in need around our world,” he said.

“The Irish people are amongst the most generous people in the world and I would put my colleagues in Gorta Self Help Africa all around the world at the top. I feel very blessed, privileged and humbled to be able to do what I do, and to know that so many people have been willing to give their time, their hard earned money and their efforts to support a host of good causes especially my work with Gorta Self Help Africa over the past 6 years. I am also very grateful to Paul Galvin and all his staff in Galvin’s Menswear shop in Tullamore and Eamon Victory in Louth and Richard Donovan of Global Running Advetures and Declan Smith of DS Gas and A! Plumbing for helping out with  this event and to Roy Gibson in Advertee’s for supplying the T-Shirts and for all their help to so many good causes over the years.”

Participants are welcome to join Ronan at any stage along the route, or to donate directly to his appeal by visiting  or go directly to his events page by visiting or or contact [email protected] or send what you can to Gorta Self Help Africa, Westside Resource Centre, Seamus Quirke Road, Westside, Galway.


For further information contact: (01) 6778880 or (087) 6189094.

Route of Walk ( all 7/8am starts ) (You are welcome to walk with me on any stage and everyone is invited to take part in the final stage on a 5 km walk at the end of the Bay to Bay walk on Saturday at 3pm from Claddagh Hall in Galway along the Prom in Salthill and back to the Claddagh Hall)


Monday the 27th – Dublin Bay to Enfield (8am start from Dublin Office) (staying in accommodation in Maynooth this night) (45km’s)


Tuesday the 28th – Enfield to Mullingar (7 am start from where I finished day before) (staying in accommodation in Mullingar this night) (42Km’s)


Wednesday the 29th – Mullingar to Clara via Tullamore (7am start from where I finished day before) (staying in accommodation in Clara this night) (30Km’s)


Thursday the 30th – Clara to Ballinasloe (7am start from where I finished day before) (staying in accommodation in Athlone this night) (48Km’s)

Friday the 31st – Ballinasloe to Craughwell (7am start from where I finished day before) (staying in accommodation in Loughrea this night) (40Km’s)

 Saturday the 1st of April – Craughwell to Galway Bay (7am start) (26kms)

 Saturday the 1st of April – Craughwell to Galway Bay to be at the Start of the charity 5km walk at 3pm open to everyone from CLADDAGH hall to prom on Salthill and back