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THE change of season with shorter days and longer evenings of darkness allow us more time to reconnect and reflect on the current year.  Your wellness is crucial to the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul.  Three simple steps each day can assist you to feel good in bod and mind.  The first step is to rate your wellness from a number scale between 0 to 10. One being poor, five okay, up to 10 being excellent.  Once you establish your current number you can take steps each day to maintain or enhance your wellness.  The second step is to pick three things each day to build your wellness plan, (i.e. walk in fresh air, drink water, chat to a friend, swim, read a book, have a warm bath, etc)

Ideally write down the three things to keep you focused on completing them.  The third step is to take 60 seconds each day to just gently breathe and say the following words “I release and my heart is at peace”. It is important to just begin today, view each step as a gift to yourself.

Please share the steps with family and friends.   I am currently running a Reflect, Reboot and Recharge Wellness class in The Claregalway Hub each Thursday.  Please join us if you can.  I am also available to work individually or as a group on your wellness plan, career coaching, business coaching for growth and psychometric assessments.

Please contact Maeve at Wellbeing Plus 086 151 9730 or email: [email protected]