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Galway city...costs survey.
Galway city…costs survey.

Galway could be set to attract a significant number of jobs from Dublin – with lower salary expectations making the county a tempting prospect for employers.

A survey carried out by recruitment firm, Brightwater Group, has revealed that in almost all of the industry areas surveyed, salaries are lower in Galway than they are in the capital.

Based on research from 3,500 respondents including employers, employees and job seekers, salaries in some industries are as much as a 33 per cent lower on the west coast.

According to the results, a quality engineer in Galway will get a salary of between €45,000 and €55,000 – this compared to between €55,000 and €75,000 for those working in Dublin.

Quality control analysts in Dublin will earn around €60,000 in 2018 while their counterparts in Galway will take home something in the region of €40,000 – a 33 per cent difference.

Similarly, a sales manager in ITC in Dublin can expect a salary of €90,000 while someone in a similar position in Galway will command just €60,000.

The results of this survey were compiled using data for the coming year from 14 industry sectors including banking, IT, pharmaceutical, engineering and accountancy – and drew figures from all levels of seniority.

Some workers in Galway will have a healthier pay packet from next year with the Brightwater survey forecasting an increase in certain areas.

In the legal sector, it was revealed that a junior legal counsel in Galway will see an increase of up to 33 per cent in the salary, compared to 2016 – with an annual income of between €35,000 and €80,000.

In IT, security consultants will also see their average earnings on the rise with a salary ranging between €45,000 and €0,000 – a 16 per cent increase, depending on experience.

Customer Service workers are also forecasted for a boost in finances with a team lead in this area expected to see a jump from €32,000 to €35,00 in 2018.

The West fares better in some areas with certain jobs attracting the same, if not more remuneration in Galway.

In accountancy, a group financial accountant will earn an estimated €55,000 in both areas; similarly, a payroll manager in both Galway and Dublin will take in about €50,000 per annum.

Personal assistants are also likely to compare well on both sides of the country – securing, on average, €30,000 to €40,000.

Galway comes out on top when the comparison is made between project managers in both counties with a starting hourly rate of €20 in Galway trumping the €16 per hour they will likely fetch in Dublin.