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Dear Fellow Gardeners,
September can often be one of the nicest months in the garden and we can still look forward to the Indian summer (or Altweibersommer – as we say in German).

The only crops you can still sow in September are the hardy winter salads.  There is a large range of them available.  My favourites ones are salad rocket and wild rocket, mizuna, mustard ‘Red Frills’ and ‘Green Frills’ and ‘Green Wave’, pak choy, claytonia, tatsoi and corn salad. 

You can plant out scallions, turnips, spring cabbage, perpetual spinach, chard and all your winter salads.  Over-wintering onion sets can be planted now and also garlic within the next couple of weeks. 
Launch of Online Organic Gardening Course

Today I launched the online organic gardening course – the first session was just released and it gives a lovely overview of the Community Gardens and Allotments in Bundoran. I attach a link to the video and if anyone still wants to join this 10-day course which will run until February you can contact me on [email protected].
You can also sign up online.
Simply click on the following link to get the online booking form.
Online Booking Form
I share the link of the first session on this email.  The videos can be watched at any time.
Please click the link below to watch the first session:
I highly recommend Manchan Magan’s wonderful podcast – The Almanac of Ireland.  I’ve spent so many hours listening to every single episode and it really helps me to connect even deeper with this wonderful land and it’s great ancient culture which is still slumbering just beneath the surface. 
The Almanac of Ireland on Apple Podcasts
Interested in a career in organic horticulture
In recent years I do a lot of consultancy work for new organic horticultural enterprises.  The problem in this sector is the lack of experienced or even semi-experienced organic gardeners.  A new and most exciting project I’m involved in, is in Skryne, Co. Meath. I will mention more about this in a future newsletter, but in the meantime – Anne, the owner is looking for a hard working organic gardener.  I will help out with advice and also some practical involvement.
Please contact me on [email protected] if you are interested and I’ll forward it on to the owner.
Thien Talks … to JP McMahon
My son Thien, recently hosted an interview with Chef JP McMahon. JP is an Michelin Star Irish chef and restaurant owner based in Galway city. In the interview they discussed the food in Ireland at the moment.
“In Ireland, we have the same number of hospitals as McDonalds fast food outlets,…” -Thien
“We have become divorced from where our food comes from and what it takes to get that food…!” – JP McMahon
If anyone would be interested in watching the full interview, it is available on his YouTube channel: Cut the Crap and Cook. You can also copy and paste the link below into Google and it should come up:
Happy Gardening
Klaus Laitenberger