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Well done and congratulations to Donnacha Glynn of Rooaunmore who was selected for the Irish Rowing Team along with three other oarsmen from Galway, Cork and Kerry. His team took gold in Nottingham in July, racing the Welsh, English and Scottish teams.


Born in 1983 to Marie and Gerry Glynn, Rooaunmore, Donnacha (pictured above displaying his gold medal) became interested in rowing when he attended St Joseph’s College (the Bish) in Galway. Coming from a keen sporting family and with total support from his parents, Donnacha developed a raw competitive spirit which is needed for the intense training involved in rowing.

He trains seven days a week and occasionally twice a day for three hours. Indoor training includes gym workouts and weight training. Outdoor training involves running and rowing in the river. Such training involves total and absolute dedication as the technical skills and fitness levels required in rowing surpass most other sports. During his last year in the Bish, Donnacha was Captain of the Rowing Club, a title deservedly earned as he supplied all the qualities required.

Best of luck Donnacha for the future