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As part of the ongoing development of the Knockdoemore community, sport and social facilities at Knockdoemore we want to update you on our plans to ensure these developments will become a reality in the coming months and years. It should be reiterated that these facilities are for all club members, residents and visitors to Knockdoemore.

These developments at Knockdoemore which will benefit both the club and community are three pronged and include

  • The construction of a Community, Sports and Social Centre in association with local Community Group Cáirde Mór.
  • Construction of an 80×50m Astro Turf facility.
  • The development of a fully lit jogging track around the perimeter of the club’s lands.

Construction of the Community Sports and Social Centre has commenced. To assist in financing this construction a major fundraiser is being planned and the committee tasked with progressing this work are getting a very positive response to their recently launched buy a block fundraising campaign. This campaign, which allows people to contribute in varying amounts to the project will include Silver, Gold and Bronze contributions and will be recognised on a permanent notice which will be part of the building interior. Bronze blocks will be €50 each with higher levels of contributions being recognised as gold and silver blocks.

Part funding has been secured for this project, from the EU sponsored Rural Development Fund via the partnership company for East Galway (Galway Rural Development). The Centre when complete will include a sports hall, meeting rooms, changing and shower facilities and some offices that can be used by local organisations. These facilities will be for all our community and it is our aim to ensure people from different sectors of the community can avail of it, be it from a sporting, social or community perspective.

The perimeter jogging track when completed will allow walkers and joggers take their evening or daily stroll off road and into a safe environment. The planned track will be approximately 1.3 kilometers long, be fully lit and available to all. Rest areas along the track will also be provided and the plan incorporates an outdoor gymnasium when financial resources permit. In the longer term the track will facilitate the linking of a proposed walkway to Lackagh and a potential footpath link to Claregalway thus providing a safe environment for a long distance walking/jogging linkage in our community.

The Astro Turf all-weather facilities will be essential for winter and bad weather activities and will be available to adjoining clubs and community organisations.


Claregalway’s Féile 2014 Boys panel pictured with the Bredagh Team from County Down at the Community Centre.

Claregalway U14 Girls and Kilkenny U14 Girls & Mentors.

Grant aid for these projects, equal to 50% of their total cost has been secured. As stated above, Galway Rural Development had approved grant aid to the amount of €150k and the Government’s Sports Capital Programme has awarded €132k towards the costs of the astro turf and jogging track.

A tree planting initiative is also being planned as the club are committed to landscape the perimeter of the grounds from an environmental and visual amenity perspective where members and the general community alike will be offered the opportunity to sponsor a tree or groups of trees. Sponsors of this project will also be afforded the opportunity to mind and tend to the trees for the early years of their growth with a view to encouraging participants particularly children to broaden their experience and understanding of trees. Trees and advice will be provided under this initiative. As per the picture above, the tree is the first planted in this new development in Knockdoemore by the U14 Girls and Mentors.