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Claregalway Skin Care & Aromatherapy Clinic, Kiniska, Claregalway and Main Street, Clarinbridge

The delicate skin of your face is exposed to everything that living in today’s world can offer—extremes of heat and cold, dust, dirt, pollution, exhaust fumes, bacteria, and viruses. So it’s not surprising that problems should sometimes occur. Some skin conditions, such as cold sores or chapped lips, only occur on the face. Other conditions may also occur elsewhere on the body, but some conditions such as acne, broken veins, wrinkles, unwanted hair, etc. looks worse on the face, because this is the area that we have on show and we want to keep it in peak condition. To do this we need to have a regular facial.

The Sothys Institute Facials: Each facial is specific to a particular beauty theme. Each one is composed of a set of professional products reserved exclusively for such a purpose.

For further information, please contact Evelyn Kitt at (091) 798485 or 776824.