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Recycling has taken off—it is going so well that Ryan Recycling now need two days for collection—so that means the Carnmore, Cregmore, and Lydican areas will be collected on the third Thursday of each month. That will be the 15th of November 2001, and the third Thursday of each month thereafter.

Claregalway will be collected as usual on the 1st Thursday of every month.

Carnmore, Lydican, & Cregmore 15/11/01
Claregalway 1/11/01

Good news now that the year is coming to an end—did you know that you can save more than £130 just by getting rid of your bin? Well here is how it works, most people are paying around £250 or more for their Wheel-a-Bin service. Just by replacing your bin with bags, for the non-recyclable items. The (green) Wheel-a-Bin bags (phone numbers, 0905-73754, 088255883 or 0868543039) are on sale in Day Today (Grealishs) and Whelans Cregmore, more shops promise to have these bags available in the near future. So instead of having a bin for collection you would have a bag for collection. Each bag costs £2.20. By incorporating both Ryans Recycling Colour Coded Bags and the Wheel-a-Bin bags, you are in control of how much you pay for your rubbish. When using Ryans bags, you will notice a dramatic reduction in your land fill or wheelie bin rubbish. When you begin to recycle, you will notice that you may have only about 2 bags of rubbish you can’t recycle.


Get rid of the bin and use (green) Wheel-a-Bin bags,this could cost you £2.20 × 2 = £4.40per month, which also means leaving rubbish out twice a month instead of four times, and by using five Ryan Recycling bags, at a cost of £1 per bag × 5 = £5. That totals £9.40 a month × 12 months = £112.80. These figures depend on how much rubbish your household generates. These costs on the bags include collection fees. If you are presently paying £250 for rubbish, this method could save you £137.50 per year. Should you have any questions please feel free to ring any of the following, Noel Grealish 091 794991/0872648607, Ollie Ryan 091 773190, or Rosaleen Fox at 091 794047/0876360153.

The other day I came across a very enterprising gentleman namely Anthony in Claregalway National School. He has designed and should by all accounts patent his splendid concept for holding the recycling bag—a basic but brilliant idea. To me, this is a winner—check it out.