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With the summer weather finally arriving and everyone spending more time outdoors this month I will discuss some common injuries.

Insect stings & bites: Milder reactions resulting in itchy hives or rashes can be treated with antihistamines and/or hydrocortisone cream. If there are signs of anaphylactic shock ie. the face and neck start to swell, difficulty in breathing, rapid pulse, or develop red blotchy skin, the patient should be brought to casualty.

Sprains & strains: For sprains and strains, support the injured part in the most comfortable position. If the injury has just happened, cool the area by applying an ice pack or cold compress to reduce swelling, bruising and pain. Apply gentle, even pressure by surrounding the area with a layer of soft padding, such as cotton wool or plastic foam, secured with a bandage. Raise and support the injured limb to reduce blood flow to the injury and to minimize bruising.

Animal bites: Any bite that breaks the skin can cause a wound that is vulnerable to infection. It will need prompt first aid and medical attention. For serious wounds, apply direct pressure and raise the injured part to control bleeding. Cover the wound with a sterile dressing, bandaged in place, and arrange for medical attention, as a tetanus vaccination will be required.

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John Duffy MPSI
Claregalway Pharmacy