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I was so lucky and blessed to have a great weekend with my dad recently helping me in organising a charity climb of Croagh Patrick, then enjoying watching Connacth winning the rugby12 Pro afterwards on TV and then watching him enjoying the company of his grandchildren at my beautiful daughters 6th birthday celebrations. A great weekend in anyone’s book. It got me thinking with Father’s day just upon us that the occasion of Father’s Day is special for all of us. It’s a time to love, kiss and hug one of the most precious creations of God—our Dad!

Especially for those of us lucky enough to still have him with us. For him, we will always remain the small child but this is the day to visit our Dad, spend time with him, hold his hands and reassure him of our love and care. Father’s Day holds great significance for all of us. It’s that time of the year to let your father know that no one loves him more than his own children and grandchildren. It’s a time to be grateful to your father who’s one of the most loving, kind-hearted, understanding and caring person in your life. So this weekend celebrate Father’s Day with non-stop surprises.

Father’s Day poses as a great opportunity to pamper your father for all that he has done for you over the years. You can never repay the debts, but on Father’s Day, you can create a magical place for your father to be delighted and fly high on love and life. As usual a story might help us better to understand the love between a father and his child.

Hope for every Father

“A son took his elderly father to a restaurant for an evening dinner. His Father being very old and weak, while eating, dropped food on his shirt and trousers. Other diners watched him in disgust while his son was calm. After he finished eating, his son who was not at all embarrassed, quietly took him to the wash room, wiped the food particles from him, removed the stains, combed his hair and fitted his spectacles firmly. When they came out, the entire restaurant was watching them in dead silence, not able to grasp how someone could embarrass themselves publicly like that. The son settled the bill and started walking out with his father. At that time, an old man among the diners called out to the son and asked him, “Don’t you think you have left something behind?”. The son replied, “No sir, I haven’t”. The old man retorted, “Yes, you have! You left a lesson for every child and hope for every father”. The restaurant went silent.”

Loved and Appreciated

Father’s Day also brings with it the wonderful opportunity to apologize for our insensitive behavior at times. We as children often take the love and affection of our parents for granted and at times disrespect them. We must always feel great to have the presence of a loving father in our lives and not disrespect the great blessing they are to us. We all must make efforts to celebrate Father’s Day with our Dad and show gratitude for all their love and support. We must pamper them like we do with our Mothers on Mothers day by spending the day in a manner he likes most. It could be going out for a sports event or indulging him with a special meal. The idea is to show our affection and tell your Dad how much he is loved and appreciated not just on Father’s Day but every single day of our lives.

A True Father and ‘Daddy’

Recently, Mia my nine year old daughter helped me to climb Croagh Patrick and during the climb said to me, “It’s Father’s Day soon.” “Yes, I know” I said. I had to smile. “And Daddy is a Father,” she said as she held my hand tighter to keep me from falling. Again I smiled. “You are a True Father,” she said. I asked her, “What makes me a true father?” “Because you really love me and Sophie with all your heart and soul! That’s what makes you a true father and daddy.” We both ended up having tears in our eyes for reasons known to each other as we reached the top of Croagh Patrick and lit candles in the church at the summit for everyone’s intentions that we knew or had asked us to do so or pray for them.

A Father’s Day Prayer

A lovely prayer by Kirk Loadman that I like to pray now and then goes as follows, “Let us praise those fathers who have striven to balance the demands of work, marriage, and children with an honest awareness of both joy and sacrifice. Let us praise those fathers who, lacking a good model for a father, have worked to become a good father. Let us praise those fathers who by their own account were not always there for their children, but who continue to offer those children, now grown, their love and support. Let us pray for those fathers who have been wounded by the neglect and hostility of their children.

Let us praise those fathers who, despite divorce, have remained in their children’s lives. Let us praise those fathers whose children are adopted, and whose love and support has offered healing. Let us praise those fathers who, as stepfathers, freely choose the obligation of fatherhood and earned their step children’s love and respect. Let us praise those fathers who have lost a child to death, and continue to hold the child in their heart. Let us praise those men who have no children, but cherish the next generation as if they were their own. Let us praise those men who have “fathered” us in their role as mentors and guides. Let us praise those men who are about to become fathers; may they openly delight in their children. And let us praise those fathers who have died, but live on in our memory and whose love continues to nurture us. Amen.”

As a final thought make your Father feel the most special man in the world by showing your care, love and affection. To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors. We all know, how our parents cared for us over the years and gave us every little thing that we ever needed. Love them, respect them, and care for them. Most of all let your Father know how much you love him not just for Fathers Day but for all time. Finally to my Dad, Ricey, For all the things you’ve led me through and taught me. And for promising me that you will never leave me. Through and through you’ve shown me the ropes, Helping me in anything and everything I face. Everyday you’re there for me by simply calling your name. Rarely do I get to thank you enough. So on this special day, I do exactly that. Thank you for being my Dad!