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Our most recent trip was the Rothaíocht to Inis Mór. This is the survival of the fittest and yes we were, despite Kevin turning 40 that week and despite him cycling around Inis-Mór, he is indeed still alive and kicking and has actually survived. Only slaggin’ Kevin.

The trip was organised as a district event by Colette A.S.L. and Ian O’Connor. It was brilliant and I am sure thoroughly enjoyed by the 96 scouts attending, 24 of those being our very own Claregalway Scouts. We arrived in Inis-Mor on Saturday and from Kilronan we cycled to Dun Aongus. Saturday night was spent in St. Kevin’s Hostel and seeing as the action was so low here, we Scouts took it upon ourselves to organise our very own night-hike. The less said about that the better. The Scouts, as always, were disappointed to be going home and the usual questions as to when were we doing it again were asked.

That’s our trip to date but I am sure, as you have all seen, we Scouts have finally gained nationwide fame, having appeared in the last two S.A.I. magazines. We have learned that the only way to achieve stardom is to wear funny hats and clothes but sure somebody has to do it.

At a local level, the annual clean-up of the village, prior to the Drama Festival, took place on Saturday the 1st March. We also weeded neglected areas in the graveyard. We are looking forward to our next outing which will take place on St. Patrick’s Day in Galway. This year, we are entering a float in the Parade, so wish us luck.

Michelle Conneely, P.L.