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St. Patrick’s Day Parade (17th March 1997)

Well, as every year, the Scout troop once again participated in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This year it was a touch different. We met at the Fire Station at 11 o’ clock and organised ourselves. We were led by our younger Beavers who were followed by Cubs and then the older group Scouts who were all loading onto a truck. We entered a float this year. The float consisted of an idea of Pioneering, a tent and at the back we had a few young Keith Floyd’s doing backwoods cooking on an altar fire. All the joy of Scouting. As we progressed up through Shop Street the more people we saw the louder our singing got even though the band behind were not too impressed it made it more fun.

There were a number of Beavers and Cubs sitting around the fire toasting marshmallows.

Some of our Cubs made stardom that day as their photo’s were taken and seen in the next week’s copy of the Connacht Sentinel.

Once again the Parade came to an end all too quickly but never mind we are putting together bigger and better ideas for next year.

A most sincere thanks to Philomena and Micheal Conneely for the use of their truck and feeding the Scouts during the preparation days prior to the parade.

Yours in Scouting,
Orla Qualter (ASL) and Collette Conneely (ASL)

It was the 20th of April, known to some as Mission Sunday and the Claregalway Scout troop was gathered in full uniform outside the Claregalway church. We had decided to borrow Mission Sunday for our annual Scout-Mass and it was with much thanks to Fr David Cribbin that we borrowed some of his time in order to partake in readings, prayers of the faithful and a gifts ceremony.

It was decided by all, in at least Scouting circles, that Kevin Duffy had a vocation as a priest, especially on having his sermon and his heartfelt plea for … HELP! Possibly our Kevin could sell snow to the Eskimos, however it must have worked and we were both impressed and extremely pleased with the response to his plea as offers of help poured in.

We would like to thank the community for putting up with us and the length we added to the mass, to Fr Noel and Fr Tommy and also sincere thanks to the choir for their participation.

As a final note, we would like to say a collective good-bye and farewell to Ann Campbell, who is leaving for pastures greener. We would like to assure her she will not be forgotten and we will all be out to visit her soon in her new “abode” so “have the grub ready Ann”!

Yours in Scouting,
Michelle Conneely, P.L

Believe it or not, we have still a busy schedule ahead of us. May 9th–11th our Scouts are setting off on a cycling and hostelling weekend to Kinvara where we hope to meet up with the local Foróige Club, and the weekend will be crammed with hikes and many other activities. Then in June, we are participating in the Annual Danan Shield. This is being held in Corofin and we are entering four patrols. The best of luck to our Scouts in this competition. Hopefully, one of the patrols will be able to represent us in Louth for the Smyth—the National Competition.

Early July, we intend going to Co. Roscommon, for our Summer Camp. This will be the usual week long camp, with camp fires, hikes, pioneering and an opportunity to meet other Scout Troops. Also planned for the summer months is a trip to Donegal and our main aim is to climb Croagh Patrick. This brings us right up to September, when all we will be fit for is “sleep”!! Thanks again for your support so far and hopefully this will continue in our up and coming ventures.

Yours in Scouting,
Collette Conneely, A.S.L. and Orla Qualter, A.S.L