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Escape Health & Leisure Club

The countdown is on for the arrival of Escape to Claregalway at the end of June.

There are a limited number of places still available at the club where you can secure your membership for only €200 per person.

Enrolment is also taking place for the playgroup “SPRAOI” and will run morning and afternoon sessions for 2 – 6 year olds (both members and non members) as well as a drop in facility for members.

Escape Health & Leisure Club
The Claregalway Hotel

T: 738220
[email protected]

Membership at Escape Includes:

  • Thorough Fitness Assessment and Personalised Training Schedule
  • Free Aerobics, Step Aerobics and Circuit Training Classes
  • Children under 4 are FREE
  • Access to all State of the Art Club Facilities for 12 months
  • 18 metre deck level pool
  • Children’s Splash Pool
  • Swedish Sauna
  • Turkish Steamroom
  • Jacuzzi
  • 4000 sq ft Air Conditioned Gymnasium
  • Spacious Aerobics Studio
  • Tanning and Beauty (additional charge)
  • Spraoi Playgroup (additional charge)

Get Fit for Life

Jarlath Sweeney

Health & Fitness Consultant at Escape
Due to modern living habits, most Irish people get very little vigorous exercise at work or during leisure hours. Most of us travel in cars, buses or on trains to get to and from work and during leisure time many of us choose to watch TV or sit in pubs rather than take physical exercise. As a result, the percentage of Irish people that are obese and overweight is increasing and studies have shown that Irish children are among the laziest in Europe. Ireland also has the highest rate in the EU of premature death due to heart disease. These statistics could be drastically reduced if we were to introduce a little exercise into our daily routine.

Why should I exercise?
Improved heart health is just one of the many benefits of taking regular aerobic activity. In one minute, the heart of a well-conditioned, aerobically active individual will pump the same amount of blood in 45 to 50 beats as an inactive person’s heart will pump in 70 to 75 beats. The average heart needs to pump up to 36,000 more times per day than a well-conditioned heart; that’s 13 million more times per year!

If this hasn’t convinced you to start exercising, maybe some of the other benefits of exercise listed in the table below will inspire you.

The Benefits of Regular Physical Activity

Feeling Better
Makes you feel energetic.
Helps in coping with stress.
Improves your self-image.
Increases resistance to fatigue.

Looking Better
Tones your muscles.
Aerobic activity always burns calories.
When coupled with an adequate diet, it can help you stay at your desirable weight.
Helps beat anxiety, stress and depression.

Working Better
Helps you to be more productive at work.
Increases your capacity for physical work.
Builds stamina for other physical activities.
Increases muscle strength.
Helps your heart and lungs work more efficiently.
Helps you to relax and feel less tense
Will help you fall asleep and feel refreshed.
Can help improve your sex life.

Which type of exercise is best?
Any activity that gets you moving around, even it it’s done for just a few minutes each day, is better than none at all. Activities like golfing, gardening and housework do provide some benefit but for consistent health benefits, such as lowering the risk of heart disease, aerobic exercise is required.

Aerobic exercise means more than high impact exercise classes at the gym. It refers to any activity that requires the body to use oxygen to produce energy. Vigorous activities that use your muscles strenuously over a period of time (30-60 minutes) such as swimming, brisk walking, circuit training, running or playing a competitive sport are all regarded as aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercises can help condition your muscles, heart and lungs if performed at the proper intensity for at least 30 minutes, 3-4 times a week.

Your ability to sustain aerobic activity is called your “aerobic capacity”. By increasing your aerobic capacity you can exercise for a longer period of time or more intensively thus gaining more benefit. Your level of aerobic activity is a true reflection of your state of fitness, the higher the aerobic capacity the better you function.

The best way to determine your aerobic capacity is to monitor your heart rate. You should achieve and sustain 40- 60 percent of your maximum capacity for low-intensity workouts, and 60-80 percent for moderate-intensity workouts. A healthy 35-year-old’s training zone is between 111 and 166 beats per minute.

Is aerobic activity suitable for a beginner?
If you are not an active person, it is important to start slowly as your body needs gentle reminders to start the process of aerobic adaptation. Spend a few weeks on low-intensity activities such as walking to tone up your body and get it ready for the more strenuous activities on your programme. Start off with 5 minutes of activity and increase your workout by 1-5 minute increments each week. You should also aim to increase the frequency of your workout from three to six times a week.

Always keep one a week for rest to allow your body to make any necessary repairs to injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It is recommended that you take every fourth day off during the early stages of your programme.

It may be an idea to join a gym or sports club where you have access to trained personnel for advice on proper ways to carry out any aerobic activity. It is important that you seek such advice to avoid injuring your joints and muscles. Your instructor will help you to develop a safe aerobic fitness plan.

Is it possible to exercise too much?
It’s a well known fact that too much of anything can be bad for you. Even professional athletes can damage their bodies due to excessive training. If you wish to maintain a fit and healthy body then you need a bit more than just aerobic exercise. You should also make sure that you are getting plenty of rest and sleep and that you enjoy a healthy, balanced diet. A good combination of all these elements should help you stay fit for life!

If you have any questions or queries for Jarlath in relation to health & fitness you can email him on [email protected]

Call or email for a brochure on “Escape”
091 738220 / [email protected]

Your Passport to a less expensive holiday this Summer

Travelling to Europe has become the norm for Irish holidaymakers. Tourists are advised to take out insurance in case they find themselves in need of medical treatment abroad, as even basic costs of treatment can amount to a substantial sum.

For Irish citizens travelling to Europe, as EU citizens, we are entitled to basic urgent healthcare in all EU states and also Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

An E111 form is your passport to this free service and must be completed and stamped by your health board before travelling. Forms are available from the Western Health Board at 091- 751131.

The E111 scheme is not the equivalent of private health or travel insurance; it is only intended to ensure EU citizens receive emergency treatment while in any other EU country. This is interpreted differently throughout the EU and a nominal charge may apply in some countries.

The foreign health service uses the details from your E111 form to reclaim any expenses from the Irish Department of Health. Similarly, EU nationals who require treatment here can present their E111 forms and be excused payment here on the same basis.

So if you or your family are travelling to Europe this summer, be sure to have this E111 form completed and stamped before you travel.

John Duffy MPSI. Claregalway Pharmacy

Update from Jim Cuddy, your local councillor

091 798136 or 087 6360242

Cregboy/Cloon Group Scheme

  • In relation to notice of motion question which I put down to the County Council requesting them to take in charge the group water scheme for Cregboy/Cloon I have received the following answer dated 20th April.

“ The Council has no funding currently available for the take over of group water schemes and is therefore not in a position to take this scheme in charge. Meanwhile I have brought the condition of the road in question to the notice of the Local Ara Engineer and he is to have a look into the matter”.

Claregalway Sewerage Scheme

  • I have asked Galway County Council to expedite the new sewerage scheme for Claregalway as a matter of urgency as the lack of such a scheme is impeding the development of Claregalway.

The reply dated April 14th was as follows: “The preliminary Report has been approved by the Dept of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government. The Council are in the process of seeking to appoint Consulting Engineers to proceed to the next stage of the planning which is the preparation of Contract Documents”.

Traffic Island on N17 at Entrance to Rockwood

  • Concerns have been raised by a number of residents in the Rockwood area about the removal of the traffic island at the junction of the N17 with the Rockmount Road. I have written to the Council’s area engineer asking that this island be put back as soon as possible as this junction is considered to be dangerous for vehicles entering and exiting from Rockwood.

Carnmore Traffic Lights

  • Tender documents have been signed in relation to the Traffic Lights and I have been informed that they should be in place in the nexct 4-6 weeks. On the 14th of May I was told by the Council that the gas pipe line will be going through Carnmore Cross on to Oranmore.

Proposed Claregalway bypass

  • In relation to the proposed Claregalway Bypass the Minister for Transport Seamus Brennan was in Clarenbridge on April 23rd addressing a forum on Transport and I availed of the opportunity to question him in relation to the Bypass at Claregalway. He did say that he was starting to look into this matter. I told him that the N17 Motor way could wait as there was a reasonably good road from Claregalway to Tuam and that it was in Claregalway the main problem was. Meanwhile a date for the meeting between the Minister and a delegation from Claregalway is still being sought.

Exit from Oranmore Road onto Tuam Road at the Church

  • I am pleased to say that as a result of repeated representations I have made to the Council that in the near future they are to widen the exit onto the Tuam Road from Oranmore at Claregalway Church and this will greatly improve the traffic flow for those turning left at the junction.

Footpath and pedestrian crossing

  • I have raised the question of the provision of a pedestrian crossing at Claregalway National School to facilitate the housing estates of Sli An Bhradain and Church View and the request for a foot path between the school and the Community Centre at a recent meeting of the Roads and Transportation Committee. i did not get any committment from the Council so I have not placed two notice of motions down to the Council for decision.

Additional Public Lighting

  • In the near future I expect that the ESB will be erecting new lighting at the head of the Gortacleva Road and in the village of Gortacleva itself and at School Road.

As you will be aware my electoral area covers Headford, Annaghdown, Corrandulla, Carrowbrowne, Castlegar, Briarhill, Carnmore, Cregmore, Lackagh, Turloughmore, Oranmore, Maree and Clarenbridge so you will appreciate that I have been very busy throughout the whole area.

In the past Claregalway has been well served by the late Cllr. Paddy Ruane of Carnmore and more recently by Noel Grealish T.D. Since July I have enjoyed being your local County Councillor and I am looking forward to the upcoming election on June 11th. To be successful I need each of you to cast your No. 1 vote on the day.

Cabhair Liom chun Cabhair Leat
In the meantime I am available to deal with your problems and can be contacted at the above numbers.

Message from Noel Grealish, T.D. to the electorate in the Claregalway area

In 1999, I was honoured to be elected by you as a member of the Galway County Council, representing the Oranmore electoral area. I worked very hard to represent your views in the Council Chamber, and in 2002, you honoured me further by electing me to Dáil Éireann.

In July 2003, as a result of the abolition of the dual mandate which meant a TD could no longer also be a member of a local authority, I resigned my seat on Galway County Council.

Community activist and resident of Carnmore, Jim Cuddy succeeded me to the Council. Jim has proved to be an excellent local representative – hardworking, committed and determined to secure the very best for the parish. Jim has worked very hard on your behalf since last July. He has achieved many things, and if elected on June 11th, will continue that good work.

In the past, this area was very well served by the late Councillor Paddy Ruane from Carnmore, who was a councillor for over 30 years.

It is very important that the Parish has its own councillor to champion its views, and ensure its voice is heard at the Council table. I am therefore asking that you would please give your No.1 Vote to Councillor Jim Cuddy on June 11th.

Noel Grealish, T.D.

Lighting up the Old Forge

Plans are afoot to restore the old Forge at Loughgeorge in Claregalway which has been operated by the Smith family over the years. Hopes are that a scheme can be brought on stream to bring the Forge to the forefront once again, something on the lines of the neighbouring Lackagh Museum. This week local Countillor Jarlath McDonagh allocated funding from his Discretionary fund to put a new Public Light adjacent to the Forge area so from now on there will be a light shining on the Forge and hopefully it will not be too long before the old Forge is restored to its former glory and the people of the day, particularly the young people can view again the Ireland of yesterday, in particular with regard to horses and the making of various iron implements. For the moment Councillor McDonagh says he is pleased to be in a position to at least highlight the location of the Forge in Loughgeorge by providing the new Public Light which should be put in place within the next month or so.

Cllr. McDonagh says that he is also pleased that two lights are to be put in place at Cregboy together with an extra light at Kiniska and two new public lights at Carnmore West.

All the lights in question will be put in place in the not too distant future. Meanwhile Cllr. McDonagh is looking at a number of other locations and will hopefully be in a position to provide a few more lights from his current budget in the weeks ahead.

Call for Assistance for Cars Exiting from the River Oaks complex, Claregalway

The Chairman of the Oranmore Electoral Area Councillor Jarlath McDonagh responding to representations from many people living in the River Oaks Complex in Claregalway Village. They voiced concern over what measures the Council propose to put in place to assist cars to exit in a safe manner from this growing and busy estate. He also asked the Council as to what measures they propose to put in place for people endeavouring to make a similar exit from the new Hotels and complex when completed.

Responding to Cllr. McDonagh the Council stated that the alterations proposed for the N17/N18 junction in the village of Claregalway with the inclusion of traffic lights will allow the relative time requirements for traffic exiting from the River Oaks area.

The Council then went on to say that they no other proposals for any measure in relation to the said development in the estate.

Cllr. McDonagh will continue to press the Co. Council to bring on stream, at the earliest possible opportunity the proposed alterations for the N17/189 Junction which should alleviate some of the problems being currently experienced by the people in River Oaks.

Claregalway Agricultural Show Queen Dance

It’s that time of year again! Claregalway Agricultural Show Committee is knee deep in preparation for its annual Queen Dance. Tickets are being sold throughout the parish at present and the search is on for this year’s Show Queen. Every year a young lady from the parish is selected as Show Queen. She is crowned at the now traditional Queen Dance which this year will take place in Terry Brennan’s Central Tavern in Loughgeorge. It will be held on Saturday June 5th and the band will be playing from 10 p.m. till late. This year the band is the very popular and well known “Seán Walsh Band”. By all accounts they are well worth hearing. The Queen will be the recipient of many prizes on the night together with a sash and tiara. This is always a very enjoyable and exciting night. Following her coronation she then has a little rest until her royal duties commence on Show Day, which will take place, as always, on the second last Sunday of August which this year falls on August 22nd.

As well as the crowning of the Show Queen, this dance has now become famous for its wonderful raffle prizes. Last year a lucky couple won a couch (valued at over €600) for the princely sum of €5 – the cost of a raffle ticket! In the past people have won beds, carpets, bedroom furniture etc. – the sky is the limit! It goes without saying that the committee would be unable to offer such fantastic prizes but for the generosity of Tom Dempsey of Tom Dempsey Interiors in Oranmore who has come up trumps year after year. The committee is indebted to Tom for his continued support.

If you haven’t got your tickets yet for the dance, there are still some available from committee members or from the secretary, Madge Fahy, who can be contacted at 799098. Tickets will also be available at the door. If you have your tickets – do come along on the night and enjoy the fun and who knows – it might be your lucky night – its a lottery – so it could be you!!


It’s heartening when one comes across a community activist as I did recently. Whilst out walking the dog I met a man hard at work and what was he doing? Mowing the village lawn! He told me he was fed up looking at it growing wild and took it upon himself to rectify it. That’s what I call community involvement – getting out there and doing it – not standing back and looking. He knows who he is himself and on your behalf I thank him and his son for doing this. I know Claregalway is going through a great transition building wise at the moment but do we want whatever visual appearance we have to grow derelict as this area surely would have without this man’s intervention. Another area badly needing a touch up is the one beside the school, opposite the new housing estates – Church View and Sli an Bhradain. Wouldn’t it be great if a few people got together and gave it a face-lift? What a difference that would make. Anybody out there willing to take on the challenge?

Until next time,

Special News

Congratulations to Gerard Reilly, Cloon, on coming 1st in the County Galway Ploughing Championship in Moylough recently.

Best of luck to Niall McGovern, Carnmore who is in Korea teaching. Also good luck to Coman Duke, Cregboy who will be travelling to Korea at the end of May. Hope you both enjoy the experience!

Birthday greetings to Sean Diskin, Rockwood, who will be 12 years old on the 18th May and wishing him luck in Mosney on the 15th/16th May as he is on the County Cross Country team.

Congratulations to Niamh Diskin, Rockwood who will be celebrating her 14th birthday on the 21st May.

Well Done to local man Joe Monaghan, Cahergowan, who is at Mount Everest Base Camp preparing for the big climb, in aid of charity. He has raised over €10,000 FOR CHERNOBYL CHILDREN IN NEED. A brilliant achievement!

Sarah Casserly, Cahergowan, on the 13th April 2004.

What’s in your face cream?

Skin cream rarely performs just one task. Moisturisers contain protective suncreams. Lotions have added anti-ageing ingredients and make-up will reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

AHA’s – Alpha Hydroxy Acids are also sometimes referred to as “fruity acids” They are naturally occurring acids that help to remove dead skin cells and have the skin looking younger.
Antioxidents – These are the vitamins A.C. and E. which fight the premature ageing free radicials damage in your skin, caused through pollution, smoking, sun, additives and stress.
Ceramides – These are naturally occurring oils found in the outer layers of your skin, when they are added to beauty products. They control the process of cell shedding and help prevent moisture loss.
Collagen – This is the protein that keeps your complexion smooth and supple. It is used in moisturisers and various skin creams to help build up the elasticity of the skin surface and soften the appearance of the lines.
Liposomes – These are fluid filled spheres that are so tiny they can penetrate between the surface cells of the skin actively holding back the skin ageing process.

For further information, please contact Evelyn Kitt: (091) 798485 or 087 6783733.

Claregalway/Lackagh Community Games Art Competition

Again, this year there was a huge entry in the Community Games Art Competition. We would very much like to thank the Principles, Teachers and staff of the schools that participated, namely Coolarne, Carnmore, Bawnmore, Cregmore and Claregalway N.S. and look forward to their continuing support.

Well done to all the youngsters who competed in the Community Games held in GMIT on Saturday May 1st:

u-8, Sinead Collins (Carnmore N.S.), Ultan Hurney (Cregmore N.S.)
u-10, Shauna Doyle (Claregalway N.S.), Evan McGuire (Claregalway N.S.)
u-12, Ciara McDonagh (Coolarne N.S.), Jason Holland (Cregmore N.S.)
u-14, Eithne Brennan (Claregalway N.S.), Michael Evans (Claregalway N.S.)

Congratulations to Eithne Brennan who won bronze in u-14 and to Evan McGuire who won a gold medal in the u-10. Evan will go forward to represent Galway in Art in the Community Games Final in Mosney in July. We wish him every success.

Congratulations to Rachel Farrell, Emer Joyce, Ciara Newell, Angela O’Connor who won gold in u-12 swim relay in Tuam recently. They will represent Galway in Mosney in August. Best of luck to you all!

Congratulations also to Angela O’Connor who won gold in freestyle swim and will represent Galway in Mosney. Best of luck Angela!

Loughgeorge Golf Society

The 2nd outing of the year for the Loughgeorge Golf Society was a great success in the sun drenched venue of Roscommon Golf Club on Saturday April 24th.

The scores were appropriately hot with the top 3 all breaking the 40 point barrier.

Thanks to over 60 members who participated and congratulations to the following winners:

1st John Noone 41 pts
2nd John O’Neill 41 pts
3rd Patrick Killilea 41 (-1) pts

1st Kathleen Morley

Category A (0-15 H’Cap)
1st PJ Murphy
2nd Martin O’Neill
3rd Willie Greaney

Category B (15+ H’Cap)
1st Gabriel Glavin
2nd Mairtin O’Connell
3rd Danny O’Connell

Front 9: John Murphy

Back 9: Brendan Cummins

Longest Drive: Danny O’Connell

Nearest the Pin: John O’Brien

A very special Thanks to our sponsor for the Day, Denis O’Connell of O’Connell Drylining Ltd (Suspended Ceilings / Partitions). – The Committee and Society appreciates your support.

The next planned outing is in Shannon GC on Saturday May 22nd. Tee-Times can be booked from John @ 091-733698 or 087-1353495

There are also a limited number of places available for the weekend away in Belmullet (June 11-13th). Contact Declan @ 087-2354102 asap if you are interested in participating.

John Costello
Secretary Loughgeorge Golf Society
091-733698, 087-1353495

Carnmore Camogie Club

Chairman Ger Crowe – 087-6390010
Treasurer Mary Thornton – 087-2242318
Secretary Pakie Fox – 087-2517486

Team Managers and Trainers
Maura Murphy 087-9381093 and Dorothy Kenny
U12 Mary Thornton 087-2242318, Joe Coen and Phelim Manning.
U14 Anthony Molloy 091-798930, Declan Walsh and Roddy Grealish.
U16 Anthony Molloy 091-798930 and Sean Davoren
Junior Team Anthony Molloy 091-798930 and San Davoren.

Our Junior Team had an away game recently with Kiltomer. This ended in a draw.

The Junior Team also played Skehanna and had a one point win. Carnmore 2 goals and 2 points to Skehanna 1 goal and 4 points.

As I am writing these notes the Junior Team are preparing for a local Derby Game with near neighbours Turloughmore on the May Bank holiday.

U14 A Team
Our U14 A Team were narrowly beaten recently while playing an away game to Davittes.

The u14’s are preparing for a County Semi-Final in the next few days with Mullagh. The club’s best wishes go to this team in this upcoming game.

U 10’s
Our under 10’s have started games. They were unlucky in their opening game against Craughwell. I do not have reports on any further games at this time, but a full report will follow in next month’s notes.

U 12 and U 16 have not yet played in this season, but are training and getting ready for their opening games.

The club’s good wishes and support go to the Senior Hurlers of Carnmore who will shortly be starting their championship campaign.

More information will follow in next month’s Nuacht Chláir.

Ger Crowe, P.R.O. for Carnmore Camogie Club (087-6390010)

Claregalway Amenity Group

Claregalway Amenity Group recently met up with our four local election candidates – Mary Hoade, Jim Cuddy, Jarlath McDonagh and Tim Rabbitt. Eight topics were drawn up by the Amenity Group and presented to the candidates. As there is no Community Council in Claregalway, the Amenity Group is the nearest to local representation for the community and expressed concern on your behalf.

The topics discussed were as follows:

  1. Development plan. What’s happening?
  2. Traffic issue.
  3. Park and ride facility, including bus service.
  4. Footpaths – from school to Community Centre in particular and on all approach roads to village.
  5. Extension of amenity area both sides of the river Clare.
  6. Community facilities or lack of? Library, Co. Council Office, Tourist Office.
  7. Public Parks put in place before further development.
  8. Sewerage – before further development.

Recycling was also discussed at this meeting and all we can do now is wait with bated breath and see what transpires. We rely on our local candidates to speak for us. We do not want a spiraling housing development in Claregalway. We want facilities for our youth, for our elderly and for everyone.

The meeting was a very positive one and all councillors were extremely interested in our views.

Josette Farrell,
Chairperson of Claregalway Amenity Group

I.T.K.A Karate Competition

Results April 25th 2004
The following are the results of the Claregalway/Turloughmore Local Karate Competition held Sunday the 25th April in Turloughmore Community Center.

Clubs from Turloughmore, Claregalway, Furbo, Kilkerrrin and Inverin competed.

Pee-wee Boy & Girls 6-8 years

1st Darragh Nash
2nd Caoimhe Whealan / Dave Giles

1st Padraic Kearney
2nd Daniel Tobin

Boys & Girls 8- 10 years (Intermediate)

1st Keilan Brennan
2nd Mark Coyle

1st Keilan Brennan
2nd Melissa Glynn

Basics 1st Una Sullivan
2nd Brendan Hernon

1st Una Sullivan
2nd Pordeen OToole

Boys & Girls 10 – 12 years

1st Micheal Sullivan
2nd Evan Flaherty

Boys & Girls 12 – 14 years
1st Kevin Kearney
2nd Emilion Gavin

Senior Kata Event
1st Darmiud O’Ceideogh
2nd Martin McDonagh

Boys Freefighting Results
6-10 years (All Grades)
1st Darragh Kirrane
2nd Darragh Nash

10-14 years (Orange to Green)
1st Pionchous Hernon
2nd Micheal Coyle

10 – 14 (Purple to Black)
1st Martin Mcdonagh
2nd Feidtin Mulkerrins

Senior (Orange to Green)
1st Darren Morris
2nd Shane Morris

Senior (Purple to Black)
1st Gordon Myers
2nd Darmuid O Ceideogh

Girls Free fighting Results (Orange to Yellow)
1st Natasha Carroll
2nd Rosealeen O’Toole

1st Deidre Mulkerrins
2nd Emma Nigohedagh