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Compántas Lir

Claregalway-Carnmore drama group Compántas Lir will stage the classic George Bernard Shawplay Pymalion in An Taibhdhearc for two nights next week.

In a break with tradition, the group are performing at the city venue before they embark on their All-Irelan circuit early next month.

For the past decade the group have performed after the national circuit and before the All-Ireland finals, but this year, they are playing Galway before they tour the play around the country, and are hoping for great local support.

Pymalion is the classic play which inspired the hit musical My Fair Lady and it tells the tale of Cockney flowergirl Eliza Doolittle, who is used as an experiment between Professor of linguistics Henry Higgins and his friend Colonel Pickering.

Higgins is a phonetics expert who, as a kind of social experiment, attempts to make a lady out of the uneducated Cockney flower-girl, with hilarious consequences.

The play stars Sinead Greally as Eliza Doolittle with Philip Cribbin as Higgins and John Heneghan as Pickering. The play also features Brid Conneely, Carmel Kenny, Bernadette Prendergast, Mich Dwyer, Maura Kavanagh, Dermot Hession, Declan Varley and Breda Hession.

It is being produced by Mike Hession who is assisted by Paddy Greaney.

Cholesterol Control

In Britain and Ireland, coronary heart disease (CHD) rates have risen dramatically alongside changes in diet (increased consumption of fatty meats and dairy products) and lifestyles, which have become increasingly sedentary. There is a correlation between cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular events.

Cholesterol, a fatty substance, is an essential component of cell membranes and is needed for the production of steroid hormones, sex hormones and bile. In addition to being derived from the diet it is also produced by the liver.

Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) levels and very low-density lipoproteins (VLDL) correlate closely with the risk of cardiovascular events, high-density lipoproteins (HDP) protect against cardiac events.

Lipid management should always be part of a full review of CV risk factors to address all elements of modifiable risk (e.g., smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, hypertension, diabetes). Weight loss, exercise, dietary manipulation and drug therapy are the areas where better control can be achieved.

Diet plays an important role in managing cholesterol levels. Animal products, such as meat, fish, eggs, milk; butter and cheese are rich in cholesterol. In contrast, soluble fibre in the diet binds cholesterol in the intestine preventing absorption. Low fat eating can reduce cholesterol levels by anywhere up to 15 %. Plant sterols and stanols, increasing fatty fish and fish oils, garlic, oats or soy proteins in the diet can also contribute to lower cholesterol levels.

A number of drug therapies are available to control cholesterol levels. These work either by blocking cholesterol synthesis or by preventing its absorption from the intestine. The statins are effective lipid lowering agents and they act by blocking the key enzyme in the production of cholesterol.

Healthy eating, dietary changes and drug therapy are the combination treatment for cholesterol control and subsequent lower risk of cardiovascular events.

John Duffy MPSI.
Claregalway Pharmacy opens late Monday to Friday until 8 PM. Telephone 799754.

The New Educate Together Primary School in Claregalway

Opening September 2005

The Galway North Educate Together Committee (GNET) is delighted to announce the imminent opening of a new Educate Together School in Claregalway.

There are already over 30 schools of this kind in the country to date – all are thriving – there is one in Galway city with a waiting list of over 100 for Junior Infants 2005. So, we anticipate a tremendous interest in the school over the next few months.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Educate Together approach to schooling it can be broadly presented as follows:

All of the schools are:

  • Multi-denominational: this means that all religions are taught and valued with extra tuition for religions of choice for pupils in the school after hours. This implies an inclusive rather than exclusive approach to difference, faith, creed and colour, which is invaluable education for children living in the modern world. The Educate Together slogan is: ‘Learn Together to Live Together’, the approach to religious and moral education exemplifies this approach in practise.
  • Democratically Run: this means that the teachers and the parents collectively make the decisions regarding the running of the school. There is an ‘open-door’ policy within the schools that translates into assistance for teachers where necessary and on-going communication between parents and staff. For example, if a child is struggling or there are issues at home or school the intimate interface between the two means that there is a safety net of support for him or her.
  • Child centred: The curriculum in an Educate Together School is the same as any other National School. However, it is delivered in a slightly different way that generates and supports the notion of difference, critical thinking and individual choice. An Educate Together Teacher would encourage and seek out their pupil’s strengths. It should be noted that through this system of education the academic achievement throughout the schools already set up is of a recognisably and consistently high standard.
  • Co-Educational.

The Claregalway Educate Together School is going to be located in the Cloonbiggeen Road. This is the road on the left as you are coming out of Claregalway towards Tuam. It has signposts for Poplar Homes and the SMA House and has the Abbey ruins on the left.

The Committee who have been involved to date are a small group of parents who believe passionately in this form of education for their children in this modern world. We have had to raise money for architects, surveyors, advertising, administration etc. in between our other family, life and work commitments, this has translated in to a somewhat erratic campaign!

However, we are now onto the next phase: our application to the Department of Education is completed and all points to the opening of the school in September this year. We still have places for all classes and particularly urge parents who have Junior Infants starting this year to contact us if you are at all interested.

The common pattern for these types of schools are that they are slow to start with, but once the parents in the area learn about and start to trust this form of education it becomes an incredibly popular school of choice, with waiting lists far exceeding capacity (for example the Educate Together School in Galway). If you are a parent or know any parents who may be interested please do note that you can enrol your child in as many schools as you wish and then make a choice as to which best suits them, and you, when the time comes once you have learnt more about the Educate Together system.

On this note we would like to let you know that the Educate Together school in Galway warmly invites all parents who may be interested in sending their children to this type of school to have a look around their place and to learn more about its running and approaches. Questions and answers can be gleamed from teachers and pupils alike. Contact someone on the GNET committee who can organise a visit for you. As a parent this could be an invaluable visit as it takes the Educate Together approach out of the realms of imagination and into the practical world of reality. The school is purpose built and has a fantastic atmosphere of enquiry and ease…well worth a visit!

GNET extends a welcome hand to all enquiries and encourage all parents who may be interested to contact us in order to find out more about this inspirational and gift-giving approach to education: both for our children, the Claregalway Community and society in general.

We look forward to hearing from you. You can contact:
Emily Belfrage: 091 797 644
Mags Corcoran: 091 797 918
John & Keeva Bradshaw: 093 41040

Also, on the fund-raising issue, we appeal to any local businesses or individuals for support. The Department of Education takes on all costs from the day the school opens, just as any other national school. However, between now and then we have many and varied costs to actually set up and establish the school. We look forward to hearing from you too!

Update from local Councillor Jim Cuddy

Claregalway Development Plan
At a special meeting of Galway Co. Co. on February 14th. the Claregalway Development Plan was adopted. This plan sets out the future framework for the development of Claregalway for the next five years with a provision for a review of the plan. I would like to thank the people of Claregalway for the positive way they went about the submissions and amendments to the draft plan and in particular the contribution of the Amenity Group and the local football club. A special thanks to Deputy Noel Grealish for all his assistance during the preparation of the plan I know that he already has been in discussions with a view to having the sports grounds increased. This is badly needed having regard to the very large number of children involved at various age levels in sport in the parish. Now that the plan is adopted it is my hope that the council will start working on the many issues involved including the provision of the much needed treatment plant.

A lot of concern has been expressed to me about the recent flooding in the Claregalway area and I have expressed these to the council officials and I am happy to say that the council are to have a review of the flood plains carried out by the OPW.

All planning decisions within the area covered by the plan will now be dealt with under the terms of the plan from the date of its adoption.

Traffic Islands
Since the last issue I have had a reply from the council in relation to the urgent need to reinstate the traffic islands at the junctions of Rockmount, Cregboy and Kiniska with the Tuam Rd. and the matter has now been passed on to the NRA. The provision of a traffic Island at the junction of the Lydican Rd with the Oranmore/Claregalway Rd. is also being looked into.

The Junction of the N18 and N17
It is over a year since I raised with the council the necessity of putting in a filter lane at this junction for traffic coming from the N18 and turning left at the N 17. I have to say that I am very disappointed that this work has not been carried out to date. All that is being asked is to narrow the left hand footpath so as to facilitate the left hand filter and thereby reduce the build up at this junction each day. The council have been called upon once again to address this issue and I now look forward to a positive response.

Speed Limits
In response to my request to have the speed limits on all the side roads reduced to 50 KM I have been advised to wait until the council received the regulation on this matter and I have further asked that the speed limits at the schools in the area be reduced to 30 KM during school hours.

Increased Public Lighting
Using notice of motion money I have got agreement from the council for additional lighting at Waterdale and the council are also to provide extra public lighting at Cahergown and at Carnmore Community Centre. These lights will be provided as soon the necessary arrangements can be put in place.

As usual I can be contacted any day or evening at (087) 6360242

Deputy Grealish Welcomes Broadband for Claregalway

Progressive Democrats TD Noel Grealish has welcomed the announcement by Eircom that it is to provide broadband to Claregalway as part of its ongoing rollout. Following numerous representations to Eircom over many months Deputy Grealish is delighted that Claregalway is to finally benefit from broadband technology.

‘This is a huge boost for Internet users in the area,’ said Deputy Grealish. ‘Not only will it increase the speed of internet usage by 50 times but it will also enhance communications links.

I have lobbied hard for this over the last number of months and I have made numerous representations to Eircom on the matter. I am delighted with the decision by Eircom that they are providing broadband to the village.

Broadband is central to the development of Ireland as a knowledge and information based society and its availability in smaller communities like Claregalway is a huge boost. It levels the playing field for businesses and enables faster and more efficient communication.

I look forward to the benefits that broadband will bring to the community over the coming months and years and I am certain that it will bring huge benefits to business users in the Claregalway area.

Bypass the Only Way to Solve Claregalway’s Congestion Problems says Grealish

Progressive Democrats TD Noel Grealish has today claimed that a by-pass is the only way the dreadful congestion problems of Claregalway can be solved and he will continue to campaign for the go-ahead to be given.

Grealish says that he will continue to fight the cause of the beleagured people of the village and will not be dissuaded by ‘vague promises of planned road completions within three years.’

‘Contrary to what Minister Fahy stated last week, the new N17 through Athenry will not solve the congestion and traffic problems in Claregalway. To say that is misleading. It is important that all politicians, including Minister Fahy, continue to press for the by-pass to be built.’

‘There are between 27,000 and 30,000 cars travelling through the village, on a daily basis. It is unsustainable and a by-pass is the only solution.’

‘Recent talks about major roads being fast tracked does nothing to help the people of Claregalway.’

Even figures for the recent NRA/County Council traffic counts show that the numbers of cars joining the N17 from Corrundrum National School to Claregalway will only drop by a small margin and will still see over 18,000 cars a day going through Claregalway.’

Deputy Noel Grealish is insisting that the proposal to have a by-pass of the village must remain an immediate priority for all Dáil deputies in the Galway West Constituency.

‘We must have one voice for this issue or else the people of Claregalway will never see improvements in conditions, which force them to take their lives into their hands as they go about their business every day.’

‘Everyone from mothers with babies and toddlers to school children making their way to and from school and even the elderly trying to get about in the area is forced to negotiate the impossible and highly dangerous situation of crossing roads full of impatient car drivers and truck drivers.

I’ve said it before and say it again now it’s only a matter of time before theire is a serious accident in the area – and playing politics with danger is not on,’ he ended.

A Franciscan Who Cures Cancer

In one of its latest issues, the Franciscan magazine “Terra Santa” (Holy Land) has published an interview with a Franciscan who lives in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, claiming that he has a cure for cancer. Due to the fact that this is an interesting subject and a remarkable interview, we decided to print it in this edition of Nuacht Chláir.

Br. Romano is a professor of philosophy and Latin at the “Custodia de Terra Santana” Seminary and he also lectures theology at “St. Salvador” Convent in Jerusalem.

He was asked “is it true that you can cure cancer?”

I can cure it, you can cure it and anybody can cure it, if you really want to do it. I mean curing the cancer is not performing a miracle. Anybody with willingness to apply the formula can cure it without any problem.. The cure is found in Mother Nature, free to everyone to use it. It is not a special power from a powerful person. It is part of nature and you must have to know how to use it.

A half kg of pure bee honey
3 small (or 2 big) leaves of Aloe Vera
3 to 4 teaspoons of cognac, whisky, or any distilled alcoholic drink

After cleaning the leaves and cutting the thorns very carefully and gently, blend everything in a liquidiser. You get a creamy substance. And .. that is it .. the remedy that cures cancer.

You take one desertspoon 15 minutes after your meals, three times a day, one in the morning, the second at noon and the third at night. It is important that you take it after you have eaten something.

The dosage is prepared to last for about ten days. If you are not finished the mixture, you can carry on until you have finished the container. If the patient is cured .. good … well done. But it may happen that the disease is not completely gone, you must do more tests and compare them with the previous ones. Then assess the need for another dosage until you are cured and repeat the treatment. You are going to be cured. You must be persevering.

An important detail is to shake the bottle well every time before you use it. It cures any type of cancer. Internal or external. I have knowledge of skin cancer, prostate, breast, womb, brain, lung, throat, liver, colon, intestine and spine cancer, lymphoma, leukemia, etc. being cured.

The remedy acts like a broom cleaning your blood thoroughly. It’s like a motorcar. If you used a good fuel, your car runs longer without giving you major “headaches”, but if you risk using inferior fuels, anything can happen.

The formula was common knowledge amongst humble people especially those who could not afford the benefits of sophisticated modern medicine for the treatment of disease.

Special News

Welcome Caroline and Martin Duggan to Center Jewellers at Cois Chláir Shopping Centre.

Congratulations to Lorraine and Peter Fahy, Lisarulla, on the birth of their baby daughter Alannah Marie Fahy born on the 23rd January.

Congratulations to Alan Kenny, Carnmore who wed Caroline Earls on the 25th February. Best wishes to you both.

Bridie Reilly, 17th February 2005
Pete Conneely, Carnmore, February 2005


A new housing estate is currently being built in Claregalway, behind the Nine Arches Bridge. King Developers are asking you, the community, to come up with a suitable name for this estate – bilingual of course! It is encouraging to see that developers are including the community in this process. After all, the name chosen will be there for eons to come! So get your thinking hats on and decide upon a name for this estate. Claregalway Hotel are offering a prize to the person who comes up with the name that is used when the housing estate is built.

Until next time,

Race Against Waste

Take Action At Home…
It is now easier than ever to do your bit towards caring for the environment and building a cleaner, healthier life for your family. It’s time to join the Race Against Waste!

It’s simple. If we all reduce the amount of rubbish we produce, reuse more of the products we already have and recycle as much as possible, we will dramatically reduce our waste levels – a crucial goal for Ireland’s environment.

The time to act is now. Almost 2.3 million tonnes of household and commercial waste were generated in Ireland in 2001 — an increase of almost a third in three years. We cannot sustain this. It places severe pressure on our environment and our waste management services — landfill is the main waste disposal route but we are running out of landfill space.

Check out how you can help to make the Race Against Waste a success for our communities now and in the future.

We need to reduce the overall amount of waste we produce in Ireland and each one of us can help. For example, when you’re in a supermarket, don’t bother using a separate plastic bag for fruit items such as a bunch of bananas. That’s one less piece of plastic to throw out later!

Have you ever reused an empty ice-cream tub for storing leftovers instead of just throwing it out? That’s how easy it is to reuse everyday products and materials and make your contribution to the Race Against Waste. By reusing items, we also avoid the costs that would be involved if we were to recycle them or dispose of them as waste.

Many of the goods we use around the house can be recycled — ranging from old newspapers, to cans and more.

Composting is a particularly effective method of recycling organic household waste.

Find out more at:

My Computer

If you are thinking of buying a computer ? Do you want advice on upgrading your old PC ? Having PC hardware or software problems ? Just want to know more about using one please email me ([email protected]) and I will do my best to help and advise you. Each month in this article I will include the answers to the most relevant and popular questions along with general advice and reviews.

Before Purchasing
Computer Technology is constantly improving so if you want the latest cutting edge technology then expect to pay for it too. But if you require a computer for normal home use i.e. connecting to the internet, email, digital cameras and word processing, then you can still purchase a computer to suit your needs without having to break the bank. Identifying your needs is often the most important step. Do this before starting out shopping. Take your time, shop around and don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are familiar with online shopping then the internet should also be considered as the prices can be lower and it can often be easy to customize your PC to suit your needs. Most retailers now offer good finance deals too.

Used over time your computer may look outdated or just not be running as fast as when you first bought it, but consider your options before throwing it out ! The main thing that slows down a computer is a lack of memory (RAM). Most computers are sold with minimum memory to keep the price low. In addition to this, some applications require more memory than the system has available. Memory is measured in Mega Bytes (MB) and is now offered in multiples of 128MB. If you are running Windows 2000 / XP and have 128MB or less then this could explain why things are so slow. Adding memory is a simple task and memory is relatively inexpensive. The type you require is specific to your computer make and model, but expect to pay about €60 for 128MB. Although it only takes a few minutes to install, it will require opening the computer case so take caution and consider getting a trained technician. You don’t need to change anything in Windows to get the benefit of extra memory afterwards but you should notice an improvement when running applications.

[ Win XP users : to check how much memory you have, right click on “My Computer” icon and select Properties, on the bottom right of the dialog box that appears look for the number that appears before RAM ]

If you require extra storage space consider adding another hard drive or a CD/DVD writer. Windows will run poorly if there is little free space on the C drive.

The software that you have on your computer can also affect its performance. Every program that is installed uses up resources, and over time this can slow things down. Consider removing applications you don’t use, or prevent them from loading into the system tray (beside the clock). Always remove programs using the “Add/Remove Programs” section of the Control Panel.

For fast, free and friendly please email all comments, questions and queries to [email protected]
Joe O’Connell

Community Games

It’s that time of year when Claregalway/Lackagh Community Games gets into full swing again. The following events are happening in the coming weeks. For further information on any event, please contact Christine Moran on 091-798956.

Several new competitions have been introduced at the Under 14 age group. They are Solo Dance(Modern or Disco), Solo Singing, Recitation, Solo Music, Group Dance, Group Singing, Group Music, Drama/Comedy Sketch(max 6 mins.). All groups must be minimum 2 and maximum 6 competitors. Any child or group wishing to participate should contact Christine Moran no later than 8th March. If there is sufficient interest, a local competition will be organised to select competitors to represent the area at county level on 12th April in Labane.

The county cross country competition takes place on 10th April in Renmore. Competitions are run at U12, U13, U14. There is also an U16 marathon (6K). Training for local children wishing to compete will take place every Tuesday at the pitch at Claregalway Leisure Centre from 3:15 – 4:15 commencing 1st March. All local children are welcome to train.

The annual competition will take place in Leisureland on St. Patrick’s Day from 9:30 to 10:30. Registration at 9:15. Entry Fee of €3 allows participation in all events in relevant age group. There will be separate Boys and Girls Competitions in each of the following age groups and strokes: U8 Freestyle,U10 Freestyle and Backstroke,U12 Freestyle and Breaststroke, U14 Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke,U16 Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly. Winners on the day will progress to county finals on May10th.

U14 Quiz
The U14 Quiz county final will take place on Saturday 9th April in Labane. A competition to select a team to represent the locality will be held on Tuesday 15th March at 7:30pm in Claregalway Parish Meeting Room (beside the church).

There are also county competitions coming up for U14 Choir and U14 Variety. There are no plans at present to hold local competitions for these but anyone interested in entering a group in these competitions can contact Christine Moran for more information.

Note that children must be under the relevant age on 31st July, 2005 to partcipate in an age group.

Loughgeorge Golf Society

Captain – Mick Tarpey
President – Gerry Loughnane
Secretary – John Costello
Treasurer – Gerry Loughnane

Loughgeorge Golf Society held their 2005 AGM on the 21st of February in the Claregalway Hotel. There was an excellent turnout and some lively debate.

The 2004 committee of Mick Tarpey ,Gerry Loughnane, John Costello, Michael Casserly, John Keane, Danny O’Connell, Jonathan Duggan, Gerry Flaherty, Martin Casserly and Declan Shaughnessy were all ratified and accepted the challenge of running the Society for another term with John Costello being nominated and accepted as the Captain for 2005 and John Keane taking the post of President. The other positions will be ratified by the Committee prior to the first Society outing of 2005 which takes place in Athenry Golf Club on Saturday March 19th. The tee-time is from 09.00 – 11.30 and tee-times can be booked from John Costello (091-733698 or 086-3445210) or for the week of March 6th – 13th inclusive Gerry Loughnane @ 087-6739731.

Members who have not already done so are encouraged to pay their membership fee (€40) to any Committee member prior to the first outing.

The complete fixture list for 2005 is as follows:
March 19th – Athenry GC
April 23rd – Connemara GC
May 28th – Claremorris GC
July 9th – Westport GC (Capt)
August 27th – Portumna GC (Pres)
September 24th – Loughrea GC
December 3rd – Ballinrobe GC

The fixture list and other pertinent Society information can be found on the website @

The Committee would like to take this opportunity to thanks our many sponsors for 2004 and look forward to their continued support for 2005.

Happy golfing to all our members in 2005 J

The Committee, Loughgeorge Golf Society.

Carnmore Camogie Club

Our AGM was held recently in the Community Centre. Ger Crowe outgoing chairman addressed the meeting and welcomed all attending. He thanked all those who were involved in any way during the year particularly players, trainers and managers, fellow officers, supervisors and parents.

Given that the club was only in its 6th year he said that 2004 was indeed its most successful culminating in our u12s capturing county and city league titles and our juniors winning our clubs first ever-adult county and provincial title. He also thanked the generosity of our sponsors- Liam Glynn from Glynns Centra who has been with the club for many years and also Dave & Sean Conneely and Mary Thornton & Assoc who came on board this year.

The following officers were elected for the coming year:
Chairman –
Ger Crowe
Secretary – Mary Thornton
Assistant Sec – Andrew Talbot
Treasurer – Roddy Grealish
Assistant Treasurer – Phelim Manning
Pitch Delegate – Pakie Fox
County Board Delegates – Ger Crowe/Andrew Talbot
Manager/Trainers –
U10 – Frank Mc Hugh/ Maura Murphy/Dorothy Kenny
U12/14 – Declan Walsh/ Mary Thornton
U16/Juniors – Anthony Molloy/Sean Davoren

Presentation Night
Following on from our successes on the pitch in 2004 we held our presentation night also in January. It was a very enjoyable night and Ger Crowe once again thanked all involved with our club in 2004. Deci Walsh gave his usual inimitable talk and Sean and Anthony who brought home the first Junior cup to our club were full of praise for the players. Barry Hanley our all-Ireland Minor star presented the Medals and worthy congratulations was given to him.

Both Micheal o’Heidhin and Hurling chairman Johnny Greaney also spoke and congratulated the club and thank you indeed to them and also to Jim Cuddy for attending.

Finally Ger Crowe thanked our Sponsors Liam Glynn. Conneely Bros and Mary Thornton who were generous in sponsoring our new club Jackets and Gear Bags. A special thank you was extended to Mary Fox and Bernie Mc Hugh who organised every function the club had all year and also who organised the Club Jackets and Skoirts.

Fixtures & Training 2005

Training is well under way as the league is starting this Month and our first game is away to Portumna on 27th March. Our players train on the Atra-Turf in Corinthians on Thurs nights 8-9pm and on Sunday mornings 12-1.30 pm at the pitch- new players are welcome.

Our u14s have been training indoors for some time and are now training Sat & Sun outdoors. There has been a huge turnout at training and the girls are showing great commitment. We are however in the U14A competition this year facing stiff competition and need to be well prepared.

Our first game is away to Sarsfields on Sat 12th March. We will let parents know arrangements at training.

Update from Frank Fahy, T.D.

Minister for State and T.D. Frank Fahy is currently in discussion with Galway County Council in regard to road management in Claregalway. He is looking for the re-positioning of the high kerb/pathway on the Oranmore Road opposite Claregalway Church which is a major hinderance to the inner lane of traffic at this junction. in addition, he wants Galway Council to reduce the 80 kilometre/hour speed limit which applies to all 3rd class roads, in our area, to 60 kilometre/hour which makes a lot of sense as these speed limits are not suitable for these roads.

Claregalway Beautician in Top Five at Beauty ‘Oscars’

Claregalway beautician Sile Mannion has reached the final five in the make-up category of the Irish Beauty Professionals Association Beauty Awards – Ireland’s equivalent to the Beauty Oscars.

This is the first year a make-up category has been included in the awards, and Ms Mannion, who runs Calista Beauty in Claregalway and Calista Beauty Suite in the Claregalway Hotel, is delighted to have made the final five.

Selection was based on the applicant’s portfolio work and a visit paid to the applicant’s salons by a mystery shopper. Finalists then travelled to Bray, Co Wicklow last month to perform a make-over under the watchful eye of the IPBA judges.

The IPBA is a not-for-profit association and is the Irish section of CIDESCO International. It is widely recognised as one of the longest standing and most influential professional bodies for the beauty industry in Ireland.

Ms Mannion is the only beautician from Galway in the final five of the make-up category. Her extensive portfolio ranges from stage make-up, which she does for two local groups – Compantas Lir and the Lackagh Musical Society – to fantasy make-up. She is also one of the most sought after make-up artists in Galway for weddings.

The awards will be held in the Burlington Hotel, Dublin on April 10th.