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Road conditions at Claregalway National School
Having pressed for some time now to have the road safety conditions improved for both children and parents alike at Claregalway National School I placed a Notice of Motion before the Council for their meeting on the 23rd. January and I have now been informed that the council are to seek funding from the NRA for this important work. In the meantime a meeting is to take place on February 10th. between members of the Board of Management of the School, Public Representatives and Council Officials to discuss the matter.

Coolarne road improvement works
Having made representations to both the area office engineer and Cuan Mhuire I am glad to say that the dangerous bend coming out from the Coolarne football pitch onto the Athenry Rd is now being dealt with. This has been a cause of serious concern for years to the many people going to and from the football pitch.

Increased lighting and footpaths at Cregmore
As a result of several calls from people of the Cregmore area I have asked the council to see what can be done by way of improved public lighting near Cregmore Cross and also the extension of the footpaths.

Cahergowan junction with the N17
In response to my request to the council to improve the safety at the junction of the Cahergown Rd with the N 17 I have now been informed that the council are to erect larger signs advising motorists travelling on the N17 of the junction

Request to council for extension of footpaths and lighting
Following my renewed request to the council to extend the footpaths and street lighting on the approach roads to Claregalway village the council have advised me that they are to take the matter up with the NRA with regard to approval and funding required.

Gortacleva/Crusheen road
The dreadful condition of this road has once again been drawn to the attention of the area engineer and I have asked that the necessary work be carried out as soon as possible. I have already taken the engineer to the area to see for himself what the local motorists have to contend with and the road is getting worse each day with the large volume of traffic using this road in order to avoid the traffic problems in Claregalway. I have been assured that work on this road will be carried out in 2006.

Claregalway and Carnmore have recently been approved for broadband. The service supplier will be Irish Broadband. The company hope to have acquired the necessary sites by the middle of February and that the broadband service to the public should start coming on stream by the end of March.
Review of Speed Limits on our country roads
At the moment the County Council are having a review of speed limits carried out. Due to the urgency of an early decision on speed limits for our country roads I wrote to the Director of Services for Roads on January 10th and he has advised me that the issues raised by me are being examined in the context of the review. The roads that seem to have the worst problems are Cloon, Clogher, Cahergowan, Lydican and the Gortacleva/Crusheen roads which are being used to avoid the traffic gridlock in the village of Claregalway. I have asked that the maximum speed on these roads should be no more that 50 KM. The present speed limit is 100 IKM. The matter is on the agenda for the next meeting of the area councillors on February 20th.
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