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The Barony of Clare had 33 castles at time of the 1585 survey. The 2 principal demesnes were Claregalway and Corofin. Both protect major crossings of Clare river on road linking Galway city with North and East and share many similarities (portcullis revetment, box machioli on all 4 sides etc). The Annals of 4 Masters record the building of Clanrickards Castle at Corofin in1451. Recent C14 dates provide evidence for Annaghdown’s construction in 1440’s. Dating for CGC pending.

In 1433 Pope Eugene IV grants indulgence of 4 years and 4 quarantines to CG Abbey to support an extensive building programme including Belfry. Many similarities between this phase of masonry work at Abbey and that of Castle.

Yet again ClareGalway Castle is very much a work in progress and we hope to keep interested parties informed of progress and developments through this website and the media.

Architectural Features
Rectangular Tower (12 X 9.75 m) with fine cut external masonry. Crenellations largely destroyed but string course configuration indicates original existence of 4 corner turrets (almost identical dimensions to those that still exist at Isert Kelly Castle15 miles to the east). Corbels exist at wall walk level to support box machiciolation covering entrance and also situated approx mid-way at remaining three walls.

A number of unusual features include portcullis shaft protecting entrance, surviving clues for structure of portcullis windlass, continuous corbelling to support first floor timbers, abundant evidence for internal partitioning…

In recent weeks archaeological excavation has revealed the presence of extensive Bawn enclosure, main gateway and possible flanking tower.

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