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People are asked to be extra vigilant with property around graveyards. Ongoing warnings are being issued as cemeteries are continuously being targeted by criminals as easy targets. Last week saw another family who visited the grave of a loved one who passed away only days earlier, return to their car and find the window broken and personal items stolen from the car.

People who are visiting graves of loved ones in the local cemeteries should not leave anything visible in their cars when going into the graveyards. The recent series of quick hand bag thefts from people within the parish is greatly upsetting and persons who see anything suspicious should immediately report it to the Gardaí. There have been a number of break in to cars at the Lackagh Old Cemetery where cars have stopped and people  have broken into cars and taken off again quickly while the family member is visiting or caring for the graves of loved ones.

Claregalway, Cregg and Lackagh New Cemetery have also been the targets in recent times and while notices at entrances to the cemeteries to warn the public have been put in place in many cemeteries, a call has also been made to people who frequently pass the area to take note of anything suspicious at any time and report it to the relevant authorities. People are also warned that putting a handbag of belongings in the boot of a car is not the solution either, as car windows have been opened and the boot flicked open.