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It will come a surprise to many that astronomy was invented in Ireland. A talk, taking place next week in Galway will outline how Ireland has played a central role in astronomy and its study for many years.

Ireland’s best known astronomer, David Moore will look at Ireland’s role in the study of astronomy. Astronomy Ireland was founded in 1990 and this year as part of its 25 year anniversary they are doing a theatre tour to educate people about the importance of astronomy.

“Astronomy Ireland is the biggest astronomy club in the world, relative to population,” explained Mr Moore.

‘It’s actually not a surprise that the Irish invented astronomy. We discovered it. We have the oldest astronomically aligned building anywhere in the world in Newgrange. It pre-dates the pyramids and Stonehenge. There are lots of documentaries on the pyramids and Stonehenge but sadly not that many on Newgrange but it’s been there long before them. Our ancestors were watching the sky. They knew the length of the year and how important was it to know that back then.

The talk talking place in the Town Hall Theatre on Tuesday 29th of September doesn’t require any attendee to have any knowledge of astronomy.

‘You don’t need any knowledge. In fact, we are more interested in having people that don’t have any knowledge as they are missing out. This talk will get them interested in the world around them and if will link into their everyday lives.’

There will be plenty of Irish examples during the talk. Also it will look at the two big questions—where do we come from and where are we going to?

Mr Moore also emphasises that science and technology are where the jobs are. ‘We give talks in schools and we tell students that they need to listen up as this is the area where the jobs are.’

Mr Moore outlines that the talk is not academic. ‘I never became a pure academic scientist. We talk to them and look at their research and finished studies and bring it down to everyday speak.’

Mr Moore is also the Editor of Astronomy Ireland magazine—the magazine of the world’s most popular astronomy society which he founded.