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To mark the celebration of 50 years of supporting families, Cuan Mhuire in Coolarne is holding a Public Open Week between Sunday July 17th and Thursday July 21st be held at its centre.

The schedule of events will include an annual sports day, seminars and a fundraising concert; as well as an information or awareness evening for children and teens (11 years and over) and their parents.

“Our young people are our most precious assets,” said Mary Falvey, Person in Charge at Cuan Mhuire, Coolarne.

“Giving them the information and awareness of the dangers of addiction allows them the opportunity to make the right choices for themselves.”

Celebrating 50 years of supporting individuals and families through the turmoil of addiction, Cuan Mhuire is the largest provider of residential addiction treatment and rehabilitation in Ireland. The centre has seen some 7,000 Residents come through its doors since it was opened in March 1994.

Cuan Mhuire was founded by Sr Consilio Fitzgerald in 1966 in Athy, Co. Kildare and now provides 57% of all specialised residential alcohol addiction treatment beds, 30% of all specialised residential narcotic addiction treatment beds and close to 50% of all specialised residential gambling addiction treatment beds in Ireland.

For further information contact Michelle Molloy on 091 797102 or email [email protected].