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Galway County Council have recently been allocated £70,000 by the National Roads Authority for the completion of the Traffic calming measures in Claregalway.

The money will be used to complete the work started 2 years ago. The footpaths will be tarmacademed, additional surface water gullies have to be put in various parts of the village so that when the road is re-surfaced, we will no longer have a problem with surface water. The Council are also installing a traffic island at the pedestrian lights. It is also planned to extend the continuous white line over the bridge.

The Council have committed that they will not leave Claregalway until the work is finished. They have also asked that the people of Claregalway be patient while the work is going on, as it is difficult for them to work in the village with the high volume of traffic passing through the village.

We also succeeded in getting the street lighting extended as far as Dunleavy’s. The NRA have also allocated £350,000 this year for the N18 at Lydican/Kiltulla.

Vincent Lyons (Secretary)