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Claregalway Leisure Centre AGM

Tuesday  4th March

Committees – “What is a committee? A group of the unwilling, picked from the unfit, to do the unnecessary”
-Richard Harkness NY Herald Tribune 15th June 1960

Are you unnecessary?
The Claregalway Leisure Centre is run on a voluntary basis by the community for the community, and if there were no committee there would be nobody to run the place and it would have to close.

Are you unfit?
One person is as unfit as another. On the other hand everyone has something to offer: ideas, talents, time, professional skills, risk-taking, cautiousness, lateral thinking, fund-raising skills, spending skills! Nobody is “unfit” to be a member of a committee. We act as a team.

Are you unwilling?
Committees have a terrible reputation-“it will take up too much time”, “such a responsibility”, “boring”, “once on I’ll never get off”.

Why join a committee?
Negative reasons could include-sense of frustration that nobody else will, sense of duty, sense of guilt or sense of responsibility.

Positive reasons could include-to find out how something functions, a way of getting to know people or having something to offer.

Would you consider joining the Claregalway Leisure Centre Committee for one or more of these reasons?
Please think about coming along to The Leisure Centre on Tuesday 4th March. The AGM will start at 9:00 p.m. Remember, this is your Leisure Centre. If you feel you could volunteer to come on the committee it would be great, otherwise just come along to find out what goes on.

If you want to know more before the A.G.M. don’t hesitate to phone me, Carol Steven on 798860

The Smoking Challenge

Why it is difficult to give up smoking?

  1. Nicotine is an addictive substance. It has both stimulant and relaxant properties. The body of a smoker needs to maintain certain levels of nicotine in the bloodstream hence the craving. Withdrawal symptoms (headache, dizziness, palpitations etc) are avoided by the next cigarette.
  2. Smoking is a habit, a physical addiction. On quitting, smokers often become irritable and nervous and don’t know what to do with their hands.
  3. Smoking is also a psychological addiction. The desire to have a cigarette after a meal, in a pub etc are places or situations where often the urge to smoke is provoked.

Stopping smoking is worth the effort:

  1. Over a period of 5 to 10 years, after quitting, the health risks from smoking falls to the same level as that of a non-smoker.
  2. By quitting you lower the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and many other conditions.
  3. Passive smoking amongst children has been linked to higher incidence of lung disease, infection, cot death and glue ear.
  4. Obviously giving up smoking would save a lot of money.
  5. Smell and sense of taste also improve.

Tips for stopping smoking:

  1. Avoid places where you most frequently smoke, e.g. watching television, during breaks at work etc.
  2. Smoking accessories such as ashtrays, cigarettes and lighters should be disposed of.
  3. Help and support of friends and family should be sought.
  4. Pick a day to stop and stop completely.
  5. Alternative activities should be suggested to replace the habit e.g. exercise, nicotine replacement therapy or chewing gum.
  6. Rewards should be bought for yourself out of the money saved.
  7. Stay stopped. Take one day at a time if a relapse happens the whole process should start again as soon as possible.

What to expect:

  1. The nicotine craving lasts for only three minutes. The craving builds to a crescendo and then disappears.
  2. In general the worst day will be day three. By this time all the nicotine will be out of the body and the initial motivation will possibly be waning.
  3. The smoking habit of holding the cigarette, lighting up etc usually last about three weeks.

Problems which may occur:
Common problems, which occur on giving up smoking, include coughing, hunger, constipation or diarrhoea, mood swings, lack of concentration and irritability.

Products available to help:
Nicotine replacement therapy is the common form of treatment used in smoking cessation. There are a range of products available, nicotine chewing gum, inhaler, patch and sublingual tablet are the over the counter products available from pharmacies. Also used on prescription are Zyban tablets (which is a non-nicotine based product) and nicotine nasal spray.

Spectra: photo development-special offer-an extra set of prints from 99 cents.

John Duffy. MPSI.

Loving Quotations







News from your local T.D. – Noel Grealish

I’m delighted to say that the last month has been a very busy one in Council business but it’s also a year in which we will see big changes in the traditional way that your needs and demands were represented on the Council, but more about that later on.

Public Lighting
Following on from the applications and representations made on behalf of various groups of householders and villages throughout the Parish, I’m glad to say that the Council has agreed to install new public lighting at Gortacleva, Carnmore Village and Ballintemple in the next round of the work planned over the coming months. In line with my previous representations to the officials, I would welcome hearing from other groups around the Parish who need better lighting in their area, meet with them and make as strong a case on their behalf before the programme of public lighting is completed.

Everyone in the Parish has seen the big improvements and the importance of well lit corners, road junctions and built up areas. This scheme is well worth supporting for the improved safety on the roads, particularly where younger and older pedestrians who have to move about in poor light during the Autumn, Winter and early Spring are concerned.

2003 Roads Improvements Programme
I’m delighted to be able to tell you that more roads than ever are to be improved –along with a far greater amount of money spent – in the area over the coming year!

Following representations made to the County Council’s Roads Department and senior officials we have been able to get a commitment to these roads – some of the main sections to be worked on in 2003 include;

Bawnmore to N7, Kiltulla Road to R339, Cloon, Loughgeorge to N84, Waterview, Cashla towards Lisheenkyle, Grange Road, Burmah road, Cartymore to Morepark, Monard and Ballydavid.

Dual Mandate
I have always said and maintained that the days that I was chosen and elected to represent the people of the Parish on the Council and later, last May, in the Dail were the greatest days in my life. There is no bigger honour than to have the support, belief and trust of my family, neighbours and friends throughout the Parish in electing me to represent them.

Sadly, with the new rules about the Dual Mandate coming into force in the next couple of months, it’s with great regret that I will be giving up my Council seat to concentrate entirely on my work of representing the people of Galway West in the Oireachtas.

In the knowledge that my replacement on the Council will be hard working and diligent with an understanding of what the local needs are, I am asking you to give him or her every support and assistance in getting on with the difficult job of representing the people of the Parish and the bigger Oranmore Electoral area. As a local person, I’m sure that you will welcome him or her as warmly as you did for me and ensure that the interests of the Parish are well represented on the Council.

Thanking you for all your support over the last few years on the Council and I can only assure you that I will continue to work on your behalf in the Dail over the coming years. My office in Briarhill is open 5 days a week and I will continue to available to you all when not taken up with Dail business in Dublin.

Extra Garda
Following representations to Justice Minister Michael McDowell, The Garda Commissioner, the Asst. Commissioner in Galway and the Chief Superintendent, I’m delighted to be able to announce the appointment of an extra Garda to the village and welcome the decision arrived at by the authorities. The decision is recognition that Claregalway is a growing parish and will benefit enormously from the extra manpower while recognising the hard work and efforts of the existing Gardai in maintaining the village as one of the most desirable places to live in the County.

Dep. Noel Grealish.


Aromatherapy is truly holistic therapy taking into account the mind, body and spirit seeking help.

Aromatherapy has its roots in the most ancient healing practice of mankind. Massage with essential oils diluted in a carrier oil is the most important method of treatment, for it combines the effects of the oils themselves with the important element of human contact between the Aromatherapist and the person seeking help. It is very important for the Aromatherapist to take a case history before applying the essential oils.

Even small amounts of essential oils can build up a toxic level in the body, and some of the essential oils are very toxic indeed.

Essential oils are very readily absorbed through the skin. The aroma alone can have a very relaxing effect on the mind.

Aromatherapy can be used to compliment many other forms of treatment, both orthodox or unorthodox. Self treatment is quite safe provided that the oils are sensibly and correctly used. Self diagnosis is not advisable, nor is self treatment for anything moderately serious.

For further information contact Evelyn Kitt: (091) 798485/776824

Mobile: (087) 6783733

Claregalway Celtic Season

It’s been a long hard season since last August but we are now at the business end of things.

With just four League games remaining Claregalway Celtic are just ten points away from promotion from Division 2C. Ger O’Connell’s men have had a rollercoaster season with the highlight being the 4-3 victory over Division I side Corofin UTD in the Connaught Cup. But promotion has always been the goal and victories over Kilshanvey, Oughterard, Athenry and Cresent UTD will guarantee this huge step for Claregalway Celtic, only their second year in existence. Hopefully we can round off a great sporting year for the parish.

Calendar Launch
On the 21st December, Claregalway Celtic celebrated the launch of our annual fundraising calendar. It has been a huge success and we wish to sincerely thank all our sponsors who have been than generous. Special thanks to Noel McDonagh, Haulage –Claregalway Celtic’s main sponsor and Gerry Mooney who supplied the beautiful photographs of the parish.

We will be back in the coming issues with news of Claregalway Celtic’s progress and all support at Cloon Park would be greatly appreciated.

Barry Donovan

Thoughts to Ponder

I was walking down life’s highway a long time ago. One day I saw a sign that read “Heaven’s Grocery Store.” As I got a little closer, the door came open wide, and when I came to myself, I was standing inside. I saw a host of angels – they were standing everywhere. One handed me a basket and said, “My child shop with care.” Everything a Christian needed was in the Grocery Store. First I got some Patience – Love was in the same row. Further down was Understanding you need that everywhere you go. I got a bar or two of Wisdom, a bag or two of Faith. I just could not miss the Holy Ghost, for he was all over the place. I stopped to get some Strength and Courage to help me run that race. By then my basket was getting full, but I remembered I needed Grace. I didn’t forget Salvation, for salvation that was free, so I tried to get enough of that to save both you and me. Then I started up to the counter to pay my grocery bill, for I thought I had everything to do my Master’s will. As I went up the aisle, I saw Prayer and I just had to put that in, for I knew when I stepped outside, I would run right into sin. Peace and Joy were plentiful; they were on the last shelf, Song and Praises were hanging nearby, so I just helped myself. Then I said to the angel, “How much do I owe?” He just smiled and said, “Just take them everywhere you go.” Again, I smiled at him and said, “How much do I really owe?” He smiled again and said, “My child, Jesus paid your bill a long time ago.”

From Martin Hanley in New York, originally from Carnmore.

Interior Design – Hints & Tips

Selling a house or apartment
Selling a house can be a big ordeal, which requires some time and effort. It takes more than the aroma of coffee to sell a house and to get the price you want. You are hoping that when the buyers see it, they will immediately fall in love with it, so first impressions are important. It’s like going for a job interview, you need to look your best, so does your house. You want to make it look stylish but lived-in; you are trying to convince potential buyers that they will not have to spend too much time and money on it at the beginning, but that it is neutral enough for them to put their own mark on it over time.

It is a good idea to work on a house before selling it. If a house is presented well, there is a good chance that it will add to the price. First do a big clean up, this might seem obvious but it’s something that’s often forgotten. Dust and untidiness can take away from the most splendid décor, while an unmown lawn gives the impression of neglect. If you are moving, you will have to do one anyway, so it’s better to do it now than at the last minute. Most people have too much stuff, most collected over the years. It creates clutter and takes up necessary space in the house. Wardrobes stuffed with clothes, that will never worn again; shelves with books you don’t want; surfaces thick with bric-a-brac; attics clogged with toys, cots, college notes, sports gear etc. There can be drawers full of old tablecloths and pigeonholes with old receipts and letters. So get rid of what you don’t want, that includes pieces of furniture, which you are not taking with you to the new house. Consider hiring a contract cleaning company to give the house a top to bottom clean.

If you want to create a clutter free look and a sense of space, it maybe a good idea to store things not in use everyday. Also pack up rarely used kitchen items like turkey platters and food processors to make room in the cupboards – people do often open them. Cut down on the number of knick-knacks, photographs, and best china etc on display. A couple of things are fine, but don’t cover every available surface. Buyers can end up looking at photographs and forget why they are there. Good silver-framed ones may be stolen. One or two nicely positioned family photos is enough.

Too much furniture can make the place look small. Often all you need is a suite, a coffee table and a dining table and chairs. There is no need for extra bookshelves. Rethink the rooms, sometimes changing the furniture around to different places, will make the space more exciting visually, though it might not work as well. Rather than a hotchpotch of stuff, the furniture should be well proportioned and have it’s place. It can be far easier to sell a house furnished than unfurnished.

Make sure there is plenty of light coming into the house. Get rid of net curtains and have the windows cleaned. Make sure all your lights and lamps are working, as well lit rooms always look better. Fit table lamps with high wattage bulbs. Have spare bulbs as back up as one is sure to blow. Put decent lampshades on the lights, although you don’t need to get chandeliers. Leave doors open between rooms to create extra light and wedge open self-closing ones. To create more space, you could remove a door; this will give you a walk-through area with more light. Another idea is to replace wooden door panels with glass but don’t do this to period doors, as they could be your selling point. Hanging mirrors will also create an illusion of space, so will white paint. You can change a room over night if you paint it, but you shouldn’t have to paint the whole house, unless, it really needs it. The hall and the front door are probably the only areas that will need it. If you paint everything, buyers may think, that you are covering up damp or dry rot. If you do paint use muted and neutral colours and avoid dark somber ones. Also some wallpapers can be painted over.

The swirly-patterned carpet, that has seen better days or those loud enough to drown out any changes you make, should go. Get the hall and living room floors sanded and polished. Or you could replace the carpet, with semi-solid timber floors. Another alternative is hemp-look carpet, which is hard wearing and comes in a range of colours and is not expensive. If you must keep the carpets, get them professionally cleaned. Curtains can make or break a room so it’s important that they look well. Sometimes sways, pelmets, tiebacks and borders can clutter room or hide period shutters. The right curtains can give a room a new look. You could swap busy ones for simple cream ones or replace them with aluminum or wooden venetian blinds. The replacement curtains can be sold as part of the house so that the investment is then not wasted.

Good selling points are kitchens and bathrooms, so get those rooms right. You may not be able to retile the kitchen but throw out the plastic splashback behind the sink and replace it with an array of tiles. If the suite in the bathroom is dated avocado or pink, there is little you can do, but it might help if you co-ordinate the tiles around it. You could change the bathroom fittings and cabinets. Shower curtains can look tatty so a shower door that fits flush with the bath can look very clean and simple. Put out fresh towels, new soaps, and have the floors and mirrors scrubbed. Bedrooms should be spruced up. A large bedroom looks better if the bed doesn’t dominate it. If it’s a small room with a big bed, make sure the sheets are fresh, the pillows are plumped up and the valance is straight. A sagging bed covered with a crooked candlewick bedspread may remind buyers of their student flat days. Also get sheets with a valance to over the base of the bed or to hide the space beneath it. New bed linen bought to help sell a house can be used in the next house. Halls are often forgotten places so clear it of coat racks, hat-stands and keys on tables and instead place a vase of fresh flowers on the table, remember this is the first place the buyer will see.

Now that the inside of the door is ready for viewing don’t forget the outside of the house – garden and front door. Give the front door a fresh coat of paint and new fixtures and place some plants in tubs on the doorstep. Tidy the garden, front and back, mow the lawn and fill containers and hanging baskets. Weather permitting, place table and chairs on the patio in a sunny spot. On the day of viewing, turn on the central heating, but don’t have it too warm, a real fire always looks well and creates a cosy living room. Also turn on the table lamps.

If you don’t sell the house immediately, just think of the lovely refreshed house you will have. You may see it in a new light and even decide not to sell after all.

Mary D. Kelly
Decorating Options
(091) 798224.

Special News

Best wishes to Jim Cuddy, Lydican, on his recent retirement from the Garda Siochana. Expect to see and hear more from this up and coming politician—a voice to be heard!

21st birthday greetings to John Forde, Cahergowan. Hope Mary and Pat enjoyed the celebrations in Birmingham recently.

Well done to the Junior B’s who beat St. Kerrill’s (Ballinasloe) by 2 points and are now the County League Champions. Well done to Mickey Grealish who was selected as Intermediate Player of the Year, to Enda O’Connell , U21 Player of the year, Joseph Garreth who was Minor Player of the year and Comán Duke who was Junior B Player of the Year.

Recent Deaths

December 2002
Simon Brewster, Cloonbiggeen
Sarah Moran, Lakeview

January 2003
Brigid Herwood, Mullacuttra
Michael Glennon, Mullacuttra
Maureen Grealish, Carnmore
Mary Hickey, Caherlea
Kitt Quinn, Cregboy
Delia Mahon, Cloon
Nonie O’Brien, Knockdoe

Dates for your Diary

Fri 14th-Sat 22nd March 2003

As March beckons it means that the Annual Claregalway Festival of Drama is fast approaching and 2003 is a special year in that the Festival celebrates its 21st anniversary. The committee are delighted that Liam Thornton of Pegasus Theatre Company who officially opened the 1st Festival in 1982 will do the honours once again and that founding members of the committee Agnes and Tom Lenihan, Mary Moran, Mary Fleming are still actively involved. The Festival has been held each year with the exception of 2001 due to the Foot and Mouth situation.

The Festival opens on Friday 14th March with local group Compántas Lit performing John Chapmans “Dry Rot” which is a hilarious farce full of action throughout. K.A.T.S. from Knocknacarra perform at the festival for the first time on Tuesday 18th March with Fay and Michael Kanins Rashomon which is set in Japan about 1000 years ago. Groups from Carlow, Clare, Cork, Dublin, Sligo, Tipperary also perform.

The committee looks forward to the usual high level of support to give a warm welcome to the groups, some of whom are here for the first time.

Friday 14th Dry Rot by John Chapman, Compántas Lir, Confined

Saturday 15th Dancing at Lughnasa by Brian Friel, Newmarket Drama Group, Confined

Sunday 16th A View from the Bridge by Arthur Millar, Carlow Little Theatre Society, Open

Monday 17th Absent Friends by Alan Ayckbourn, Holycross/Ballycahill Drama Group, Confined

Tuesday 18th Rashomon by Fay and Michael Kanins, K.A.T.S. Galway, Open

Wednesday 19th Eclipsed by Patricia Burke Brogan, Ennis Players, Open

Thursday 20th The Man from Clare by John B. Keane, Phoenix Players, Tubbercurry, Confined

Friday 21st A Delicate Balance by Edward Albee, Crossbridge Players, Dublin, Open

Saturday 22nd The Last Burning by Patrick Galvin, Palace Players, Fermoy, Open

Did You Know?

Recycling has taken off……it is going so well that Ryan Recycling now need two days for collection… that means the Carnmore, Cregmore, and Lydican areas will be collected on the third Thursday of each month. That will be the 20th of February 2003, and the third Thursday of each month thereafter. Claregalway will be collected as usual…..the 1st Thursday of every month.

Carnmore, Lydican, & Cregmore 20/2/03 Claregalway 13/2/03

Did you know that you can save more than €150.00 just by getting rid of your bin? Well here is how it works….most people are paying around €350.00 or more for their “wheel a bin” service. Just by replacing your bin with bags, for the non-recyclable items. The (green) “wheel a bin” bags are on sale in Day Today (Grealishs), Wheelans, Cregmore, Hughes Supermarket, Claregalway, Raftery’s Centra, Claregalway and Glynn’s Centra, Carnmore. More shops promise to have these bags available in the near future. So instead of having a bin for collection you would have a bag for collection. Each bag costs €4.00. By incorporating both Ryans Recycling Colour Coded Bags and the “Wheel-A-Bin” bags, you are in control of how much you pay for your rubbish. When using Ryans Recycling bags, you will notice a dramatic reduction in your land fill or wheelie bin rubbish. When you begin to recycle, you will notice that you may have only about 2 bags of rubbish you can’t recycle, the wheel-a-bin bags.

Get rid of the bin and use (green)wheel-a-bin bags,this could cost you €4.00£ x 2 = €8.00per month, which also means leaving rubbish out twice a month instead of four times, and by using 5 Ryan Recyclable bags, @ a cost of €1.27 per bag x 5 = €6.35 that totals €14.35 a month x that by 12 months = €172.20. These figures depend on how much rubbish your household generates. These costs on the bags include collection fees. Well if you are presently paying €350.00 for rubbish, this method could save you €177.80 per year.

Should you have any questions please feel free to ring any of the following:

Noel Grealish 091-794991/0872648607, Ollie Ryan 091-773190 or Rosaleen Fox @ 091-794047/0877851416.

Well done to so many of you who have been using this method… hope you are enjoying that extra euro.

Ryans Waste Paper
Ryans Collection Service

Unit 2, The Meadows, Liosban Industrial Estate,
Ballybritt, Galway. Tuam Road, Galway.
091-773190 Fax: 091-773990

Don’t Dump It! Recycle It!

Outlined here is a guideline to the separation of household waste for recycling. It is important that the following separation is done in order to keep the cost of recycling waste low. Bags are colour coded in order to make it easier for the collection of waste.

Separations are as follows:

Green Bags
Plastic Bottles (e.g.. mineral, water, 2 litre milks, shampoo, fabric softener, detergent, yoghurt tubs, flora tubs- washed out).

Blue Bags
Glossy magazines and office waste
(e.g.. computer paper, envelopes, school books, RTE, Hello, Woman’s Way, Galway Now, junk mail).

Yellow Bags
Milk and Juice Cartons. (e.g.. tetra packs, Pringles boxes – washed out).

Pink Bags
Cardboard, (cereal boxes, pizza boxes, paper potato bags, etc.).

Clear Bags have several uses…
(1) Newspapers and newspaper magazines OR (2) Tin Cans – Dog and Cat food, beans, peas-washed out OR (3) Aluminium Cans (e.g. beverage cans).

All waste collected goes to a quarantined market for reprocessing. Bags are on sale in the following local shops and cost €1.27 each. The same €1.27 covers the cost of collection.

Glynn’s Centra, Carnmore; Hughes, Claregalway; Grealish’s Day Today, Carnmore; Raftery’s Centra, Claregalway; Dunleavy’s, Claregalway.

Wash It – Crush It – Pack It- Ring Ryan’s @ 773190 when your bags are full. The bags are collected from your door each month.

Bags with mixed waste in them will not be collected!

There can be no exception to this rule!

Carnmore Camogie Club

U13 Camogie
In the u13 County competition we had group wins over Craughwell,Killimor,Castlegar and Kiltormer which qualified us for the County quarter final in which we defeated St.Thomas’s. In the semi-final we defeated

Ahascaragh to qualify for a tilt at Ardrahan in the final.At the time of writing we still await the u13 Final.

The panel of players who represented the club at u13 level were: Lorainne Crowe,Maria Fox,Adel Grealish,Elaine Grealish,Ciara Joyce,Nataile Molloy,Sarah Fox,Jennifer Davoren,Lisa Kirwin,Niamh Fox,Maebhe Hanley,Grainne McHugh,Natasha Tannian,Stephaine Molloy, Sarah Devaney,Kate O’Keeffe,Roisin Fox,Andrea Fox,Yvonne Coen,Shauna Thornton.Lisa O’Connell, Mary O’Halloran and Sinead Feeney.

U14 Camogie
In the u14 county competition we qualified from our group with wins over Gort,Sarsfields,Portumna,Ballinasloe,

and Ahascaragh. In the quarter final we defeated Renmore to set up a Semi-final with Skehana. In a ding dong struggle we fought back to snatch victory and a place in the final. The final saw ourselves and neighbours Turloghmore having a tremendous struggle with Turlough winning out by a single point ……So near and yet so far.

In the city League competition we had wins over Renmore,Cois Farraige,and Oranmore to qualify for a final with neighbours Castlegar. This was another ding dong struggle with the game going to extra time. In extra time we managed to win by the narrowest of margins……..Full credit to the girls who recovered well from their county Final defeat to bounce back and capture the City League.

The Panel of players who represented the club at this grade in County and City competitions were: Niamh Thornton, Grainne Kenny, Lorna Dillon, Mary Lardiner, Fiona Dillon, Jennifer Davoren, Maria Fox, Nataile Molloy, Lorainne Crowe, Mary Kelly, Laura Tyrell, Natasia Tannian, Elaine Grealish, Ciara Joyce, Stephaine Molloy, Maebhe Hanley, Lisa Kirwin, Andrea Fox, Grainne McHugh, Sarah Devaney, Niamh Fox, Donna Higgins, Emma Noone, Sinead Feeney, Roisin Fox and Sarah Fox.

U16 Camogie
In the u16 County competition we were in a tough group that included Killimordaly and Cappaghtaggle. (winners for previous two years). Although we had wins over Skehana, Kinvara and Craughwell we failed to get out of the Group.

The City League have decided to blitz their competition. In this we are pitted against Renmore with the winners through to the Final. Hopefully,this will be completed before Christmas.

The Panel of Players who represented the club at u16 this year were: Eimer O’Connell, Deirdre Lardiner, Lisa McHugh, Vanessa Molloy, Luigsighe Kenny, Ruth Talbot, Niamh Thornton, Grainne Kenny, Lorna Dillon, Mary Lardiner, Fiona Dillon, Jennifer Davoren,Maria Fox, Nataile Molloy, Lorainne Crowe, Mary Kelly, Laura Tyrell ,Elaine Grealish, Hannah Coen and Stephaine Molloy.

Junior/U18 Camogie
In those competitions we played in County u18 and Junior City League competitions. For this age group our panel is very limited,and still a bit young..Never the less the girls gave a very good account of themselves, and had a great day at the very well run Turloughmore junior Blitz ,eventually winning the B final.

The Panel of girls here (with most u16, and quite a few 14 year olds) was: Sarah Fox,Aoife Kenny,Jean Talbot,Caroline Fox,Alva McHugh,Eimer O’Connell,Deirdre Lardiner, Lisa McHugh, Vanessa Molloy, Luigsighe Kenny, Ruth Talbot, Niamh Thornton, Grainne Kenny, Lorna Dillon, Mary Lardiner, Mary Kelly, Laura Tyrell, and Fiona Dillon.

Off-Field Club Activities
Despite activities on the field of play, after finishing up for the Winter Months our hard working committee continued to work on behalf of the club.

Some of the most recent events were:

  • We had our annual Wren day collection that was very successful and we thank the parish community for their very generous support.
  • A well earned Presentation evening for all our girls, with senior hurling captain T.J. Hynes presenting the various medals won by the club during the year. The evening was a very enjoyable affair with representatives from all walks of life in the parish present.
  • Our AGM was held on 31st January, where the club reviewed our very successful year and begun to plan ahead for 2003. While the AGM put the main structures of it’s committee and coaches in place, the club welcomes the assistance of anyone willing to help out with the running of our camogie club for the coming year. Club Officers and committee members for 2003 are;

Chairperson – Ger Crowe.
Secretary Frank McHugh.
Treasurer Pat Fox.

Committee: Mary Davoren, Anthony Molloy, Mary Thornton, Phelim Manning, Joe Coen, Maura Murphy, Rose Crowe, Carmel Joyce, Bernie McHugh, Mary Fox, Andrew Talbot, Mike Kirwin, BridieO’Connell, Patricia Fox and Carmel Grealish.

Training will be resuming shortly and each group will be informed in due course.

New members will be most welcome and especially in the senior ranks.

We look forward to another successful year and once again thank all our community for their continued support.

Carnmore Juvenile Hurling Notes 2002

Juvenile Year 2002

It is coming to the end of another year at Carnmore Juvenile Hurling Club. Hurling is an important part of the day to day life in the Carnmore/Claregalway parish and at this stage quite a number of youngsters participate in all age groups from U8 through to U16.

The U10 group performed well during the year. They participated in Barna/Furbo where they reached the semi final, the Castlegar tournament where they also reached the semi-final and a tournament in Limerick which hosted teams from many counties where they finished second.

The U12s had a good year winning the City League Final and reaching the county final where in a close game they were defeated by St. Thomas’s. In reaching the county final the U12 team had played 13 matches unbeaten.

The U14 panel reached the final of the Larry Carroll tournament and quarter final of the county championship where they went out to Tynagh.

The U16 group made no impact on the county championship.

The story of the year is the performance of the combined Claregalway/Lackagh U13 hurling team that won the All Ireland community games at Mosney. Carnmore had 10 representatives on the panel as had Lackagh. It was a wonderful experience for all involved and augurs well for the future.

2002 Juvenile County Representatives
Congratulations to Barry Hanley and Kieran Murray who were chosen to represent Galway at U16 and Aidan Nally who was chosen at U14.

Juvenile Fundraising Dance
The Annual Juvenile Fundraising Dance took place in Grealish’s on the 26th of October. The club would like to thank all that attended, everyone who supported the event and in particular sponsors who made spot prizes available on the night. A special thanks to Mike and Helen at Grealish’s for hosting the event again.

Presentation of Medals to Juvenile Club
The presentation of all Juvenile medals took place at the Carnmore Center on Friday the 8th of November. It was a good night with medals presented to many grades. Kieran Murray and Barry Hanley spoke about their U16 representative visit to the USA during the Autumn. They thanked the club for the support they received and for the hurling efforts at the club to bring them to this position. It must now be an aspiration for all up and coming hurlers to achieve.

Indoor Hurling
Indoor hurling continues to be successful during the Winter months with a new crops of 6 year olds beginning in 2002. It is a good skills training ground getting all hurlers at an early age. Indoor Hurling continues on Wednesday evenings at the Carnmore Center from 7pm to 8:30pm.

The AGM will take place in January. A specific date will be notified in due course. It would be good to see as many parents of participants represented there as possible.

A special thanks from the committee to all who helped with team training & coaching this year and to all who supported the club during the year.


It’s great to see so many people promoting recycling in Carnmore and Claregalway. Recycling bags are more commonplace now than ever before. See page 19 for up to date details concerning recycling. Thanks to Rosaleen Fox of Carnmore for all her help and encouragement with recycling. I have personally found recycling a very positive experience and cannot encourage it enough to you all. As well as being a money saver, it is helping us to create a better environment.