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Galway Triathlon Club in association with Ocean Fitness is delighted to present an afternoon with Barry Murray on Sunday 16th October from 2-4pm at the Salthill Hotel.  This seminar will cover the wide and interesting topic of ‘Winter Training Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete’.

In this seminar, Barry will go through everything you need to know about nutrition during the winter “mileage” months. This is a phase of the season where you can use nutrition to significantly improve your endurance and aerobic base. It is also a time of the year where illness can set you back so preventing infection is very important. Managing your weight can also become an issue and knowing how to control this during the “comfort” eating months is crucial.

Barry will cover all this and more including: how to periodize your nutrition, how to improve endurance adaptations, how to boost your immunity and treat illness he will also provide some tricks, tips and strategies to keep you lean during the winter months.

This is Barry’s 3rd event with Galway Triathlon Club, he continues to attract large numbers of attendees to his seminars across the country. Based at Loughborough University Barry has worked with athletes across all levels and sports. The seminar is open to members of the public and is suited to all levels of endurance athletes. Entry to the seminar for GTC members is €5, entry for non members is €10. To register your interest please email [email protected]

Please feel free to forward to members of other local Triathlon Clubs and Running Clubs

We will also be taking Club membership for 2012 on the day.

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Keith Connolly
GTC Secretary