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Claregalway and Carnmore Community Alert Group are delighted to announce that the Department of Social, Family and Community Affairs have agreed to a grant of £24,700. After a major effort by the townland co-ordinators and the Community Alert Committee in conjunction with Garda Pat Heneghan, a grant was submitted in March this year.

The funds are made available to the Community in order to provide, those in the Community, who are aged 65 years and over, living alone or in households made up of elderly people, with increased security by providing, where necessary, socially monitored alarm systems and additional home security.

To achieve our goal one co-ordinator from each townland was given the responsibility of checking in his/her area for those who qualified under the grant rules. Each co-ordinator was then asked to visit the elderly in their area and identify their requirements.

It is a requirement that where socially monitored alarm systems are installed that these would be returned to us, when no longer required, so that they may again be used by others in need.

Another requirement is that those qualifying, or their family make a contribution towards the cost and installation of the equipment. It is our intention to keep this cost as low as possible.

Should anyone have any queries, they should contact their townland co-ordinator or a member of the committee.


Chair Martin Kirrane, Cregboy.
Secretary Margaret Waldron, Cregboy.
Treasurer Brendan Noonan, Lakeview.
P.R.O. Sean Harte, Lakeview.